Who Believes in Aliens?

I mean the real outer space ones, not the illegal kind like our friendly neighborhood Kingsario. You gotta figure on this… Take the percentage chance that earth has life on it vs. the rest of the universe. No matter how small a percentage, it’s still > 0. Since the universe is infinitly big, you can surmize that we are not alone. Whether god put them there or not or created them, that is for a different thread… :wink: Let’s hear your input.

can’t say i believe in them, but your theory does make sense…that being said they could very well be out there, but somwhere SO far away that we’d never realise it

I think that there has to be life (intelligent or otherwise) out there as well. I think that it’s kind of arrogant to think that we’re it.

We would be ingnorant to think we are the only life in this universe and that we are the most intelligent life in this universe… or that we are the only universe even.

other intelligent life… yes … other much more intelligent life? yes… animals in the jungle are prolly more intelligent then half the people on the planet, sometimes I wonder how people don’t die in the bathtub more often.

heres my view on this …

life out there someplace … id bet my life on it
intelegent life out there on par w/ humans … quite probably
a much much more advanced form of life out there … possible
other life forms coming to earth in saucers … i havent decided yet

I have a history channel documentary on my computer that has supposed footage of an alien interview leaked from Wright/Patterson AFB, where supposidly an alien is being held and intervied, by his own will. The source of the tape claims that the alien beings are giving us technology in exchange for our DNA. I used to believe in aliens, but I did not believe they were here, but this show really made me reconsider those notions… if someone has a host, id be happy to toss it up, although it would be a large dl…

I’m in the same boat; I think it would be arrogant to think that in a univierse so big that we can only reach and gather information on an incredibly small part of it, that we’re the only intelligent life. Will we ever contact other intelligent life? Who knows. The univers is so vast that I think it would be entirely possible for forms of intelligent life to never encounter each other.

Do they exist? yes like everyone else says
Are they on earth and we know about it? I highly doubt it. Think about if, if the government knew aliens were really and had visited/visiting earth you would think they would be putting more money into defenses to protect us from them. And some where they would slip up and someone would either notice the money going ot it, or the actual defenses from our country or another one.

Yes because I am one. :oh:

silly alien believers…

the big question then, who created those aliens? hmmm…

if we’re created by god…within 7 days…then how about “them”?


Maybe they have their own god?

Hahahah… This coming from the person who is so educated in science and logic. :rofl:

oh please Mr. Rubicant…tell me how Aliens fit into the catogory of logic??

the basic idea of evolution shows how alien life forms are possible

correct me if im wrong … and im not … but didnt they find that there was once basic life on mars ?

so do the math … 2 out of our 9 planets … so far … have or had life on them at one point

10 billion x 2/9 = 2,222,222,222 planets with life on them 9 or that HAD life on them at some point) in some way shape and form

and i would expect that after life forms on a planet, it will evolve … incredibly slow at first, but the more complex the life form, the more chance it has of evolving faster, as there are more options that mother nature has to play with

dude thats why they created the MIB :spam:

dude , if aliens exist, and have a way to travel the universe, nothing were gonna build will defend us from their attack

gallactic starship knowlegde > space shuttle knowledge

Enlighten me then on the intricacies of the universe. Tell me how many planets in the universe that can support life based on your research. Since you are quite the expert, tell me since you seem so sure of yourself.

If you read my first post (you know what reading is right? That is how you educate yourself) you would have realized how logic fits into the whole alien equation. However, the first step is you have to get your head out of your ass so you can see… :roll:

i would probably be more suprised if there ISNT life somewhere else in the universe