Who do you think has the best Marketing Team?

When you think of awesome Marketing and Advertising, who in your opinion has it nailed? Automotive, Food, Sexual lubricants… whatever. I have one in mind, but i’ll wait to see if it gets mentioned.

Just because they advertise and you know of them, doesn’t count as “GREAT MARKETING”

Credit Card companies.

BOSE. Their name is synonymous with spending 3x as much as everyone else, and its 99% based on marketing, as opposed to quality.

i have a couple ideas, but i’d have to say in the early 2000’s it was abercrombie and fitch

they didn’t spend money on television commericals ( ie. GAP ) or other common types of advertising, yet you would see their clothes on teenage kids everywhere, and once the company realized this, they started throwing their label on everything… and it caught on like wildfire amongst teenagers

tobaco companies.

You know who has really bad marketting: the suppository companies. I mean I never knew there were two types until I had to find them for some lady. And she didn’t even care what brand she got, she said there was no name brand. No name brand suppositories? Gosh if I’m going to go through that type of trouble I’d want to be damn sure that they were the best…

Kinda like APC, stickers here, stickers there, but what does it all mean? Who the fuck cares, they can make money off of polished turds


Viagra, they didn’t spend a sick amount of money, but every old fucker knows it will give him a hard-on for days! :lol:


i’m sure viagra has spent quite a bit. i mean they have a nascar car don’t they? and they have indeed spent a sick amount on commercials as well i’m sure.

i like the mention of axe. subtle, funny, effective. “axe makes the ladies want to hug my cock.”

Sometimes it’s not the commericals, magazine ads or billboards that do it. We studied all this stuff in one of my Advertising courses. I would say any company that can get the RIGHT celebrity to advertise for them. For example: Paris Hilton wearing Von Dutch, Jessica Simpson with her Louis Vuitton bags etc. etc. I say it pretty much works hand in hand, and profits have shown that in many companies.


:word: to Bose, they overprice a cheap stereo system, make consumers think that it sounds great, and they pay. Plus if you think about it, it’s the only stereo/speaker comany that actually advertises.

And I think Pfizer has spent well over a few hundred million dollars promoting Viagara. Those commercials aren’t cheap and neither is a Nascar sponsor, which they’ve been doing for, what? 5 years now?

In the automotive industry, I’d have to say it used to be APC for all the ricers. Going with the “put a sticker in every box, and they’ll put it on their car” theory. (Although I haven’t seen many tards with those sticers on their cars lately, thats why I say used to be).

Any company that produces items that carry a sin tax: Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling.

These companies rake in so much money, they have an unfair (financial) advantage when it comes to spending on advertising. But, keep in mind, marketing goes far beyond advertising. They spend tons of money on research, and (almost not surprisingly) into programs that are supposed to educate the public as to WHY NOT to use their product or service. When you can spend money promoting your produce, and simultaneously pour money into stopping people from using your product, I’d say your marketing is working. If McDonald’s had to put some kind of warning about the nutrition in their food, I think their sales would drop. Tobacco and alcohol companies have to put warnings on their labels about the negative effects of their products, and there’s no sign of their demise. Casinos are required to give information for gambling addiction, yet you’ll see consistent growth in the gambling industry.

Personally, I don’t understand it at all. I have never drank, I have never used tobacco, and I limit my gambling to almost nothing. Their ads are appealing, for sure, but they aren’t about to make me think I am missing out on something. :gotme:

Depends on what you mean, great marketing imo is when you don’t spend a lot of ca$h and your name is way out there like unzipped flys - good when you are the one that is doing the marketing, on a preset budget. some people would say great marketing is when you say “car insurance” you think of “geico.”

that said, budweiser has $1,000,000’s in it’s ads, and I still think labatts or molson when someone says “beer.” it can be defined or defiled by your target’s environment.

I think the new mustang has great marketing - there’s no TV or mag ads and the sucker is completely sold out for '05 and already on backorder, 47% jump in sales over '04. that’s good marketing.

Thats because you live in Buffalo, I think kids had labatt and molson in their bottles as an infant around here. I never even heard of labbatt before I moved here though.

Mcdonalds hands down when it comes to advertising. Theyve managed to get to 2 year old toddlers, who can’t talk nor have ever had mcd’s, but recognize the mcd’s symbol and tune. This is approaching the line of brainwashing.

Actually upon further thought, I think that pharmacutical companies have a very aggressive and good marketing team.

They put these very general symptoms in comercials like :

“Do you have semi-frequent headaches? Do you seem dizzy and sometime feel like vomiting? Does your skin sometimes discolor from normal? If not, try Proagra!!!”

They MAKE you think that you need this shit, when in fact, doctors know wtf is up, and they will prescribe you shit. Instead of you going to your doctor and telling him that you want to be prescribed shit.

how about…

cable vs. satellite?

those two companies made ‘great’ ads…lol

the correct answer is the diamond industry.