Who is the guy locally for boat interior upholstery?


Who is the guy locally for boat upholstery (marine vinyl) recovering etc? My guy is out with a back injury and can’t get my stuff done; I have a few vinyl wrapped plywood panels off my boat I need redone… The only ppl I know of locally are A stitch in time on Union but I haven’t seen their work or ever known anybody that has used them before…


This dude redid my back bench seat last year. I was pleased with the price, quality and turn around time. http://www.aviupholstery.com/


Think there is a place on broadway in Lancaster that does this.



Dave does KILLER work and it’s extremely reasonable as far as pricing goes.


Second Dave’s


dave’s broke both a pillar trims on my dads old car when fixing a headliner, then used windshield glue to hold them in place…they always sagged after a couple hot days. i’d never go to him.

i had a seat done by buster witt at upstate auto upholstry in rome/utica. knew of him through a friend, was out there anyways for a car show. he did fantastic work but its a drive.


ATM Restyle, Camp Rd in Hamburg.


Ended up finding a guy locally that does great work. I priced things out at ATM restyle and they wanted over $1200 which is insane for what I needed done. Fwiw the guy I had finish them up charged me $360 and they came out mint


So is the guy doing this publicly or just a friend of yours? If publicly post the info up so we can find him in this thread if we need work in the future.


Soo the deal is, he’s an older guy who sold his shop and now he does it out of his garage in Eden. If you guys are interested, pm me.