Who the hell thinks 240's are slow

Wel, as you have seen, I have been looking to find a 240 for about one month now, and I managed to test drive my first one today. I can only explain it in one sentence. Holy F****** S***, it was awesome. I cant believe I heard from users here that 240s were supposedly slow in their stock form. Ohhh man, what the hell were you talking about. The feeling of those rear wheels spinning, damn, I need to get one, Very fast.

What model man cuze i love these cars but they are not fast stock. They go good but there not fast by anymeens

It was a 1992 SE model with Super Hicas. I do not understand what you guys mean by fast. I mean I do not care if a Civic SiR can do 0-60 in 0.2 seconds faster, who gives a crap, most likely his reaction is garbage, and ill smoke him anyways.

have you ever driven anything faster than a 95 hp civic?

they are SO slow stock its not even funny

however i did manage to beat a EK civic with intake exhaust wires and short shifter when i was bone stock from 0-190

This reminds me of the time my uncle’s (distant) son got a B16 in his Civic. Everyone wouldn’t STFU about how fast it was. Even though a B16 civic is total wood. Just like a stock 240 is total wood. STi and up is fast. Anything below…

EDIT: Don’t f*ing streetrace, you make my insurance suck.

Lol, ive never driven a Civic, but ive been a passenger in my buddies 1993 CX Automatic and its slow lol. The fastest thing that I have ever driven has been a Jetta GLX, and i couldnt really notice any difference from the 240 i drove today.

Well I just G-teched mine at 16.5 @ 84.4 MPH. 1993 fastback w/ Hicas LE etc etc etc. Full gas/loaded/AC/Hicas/spare/gymbag etc all in car. Car’s engine is pretty much stock except for a cone filter and a few touches. Not really that quick…but it has it’s moments and is certainly fun to drive, and a lot of potential too.

In short, I love my car but the speed in the long-run will need a little boost assistance to keep me happy. :wink:

Get someone to take you for a spin in an SR running some good boost or a KA-T. Then you’ll get it… :smiley:

you, are an idiot.

Stock KA’s are slow, Stock SR’s are slow.

Stock SR’s are a little faster than Stock KA’s.

My dads focus is faster than a stock KA.

you, are an idiot.[/quote]

240s arent slow, they are underpowered.

you, are an idiot.[/quote][/quote]

Come on guys, he said the fastest thing he has been in was a glx…

my mountain bike from canadian tire is faster than all of your cars. And it’s made in china too. :smiley: :lol:

LOL, good call…I’m not fat, I’m big boned-ed!!

A stock two-fer is slow in a straight line, but lemme tell you, I can make my unassuming friends shake in their Nike’s through some twisties :evil:

LOL, good call…I’m not fat, I’m big boned-ed!!

A stock two-fer is slow in a straight line, but lemme tell you, I can make my unassuming friends shake in their Nike’s through some twisties :evil:[/quote]

There is a difference. The car handles so well, that more power is needed use it to it’s potential. And the top end suffers a bit.

Even modded KA’s are slow. They need either crazy compression and timing advance or forced induction to be quick.

Ditto for SR’s. Anything less than 14psi with a nice big turbo aint quick.

And before you guys rag on me for being a rotary guy, stock 13B is slow too. Even the TII is just barely what I would consider “quick”.

(I consider 14s or less to be quick, 12s or less to be fast.)

people dont realize what fast is. kids are used to civics and other econoboxes. id say sub 13s 1/4 is getting fast. otherwise, wood. stock ka, wood.

Sashas desciption of speed:

15+ Anger Inspiringly Slow
14.0-15.0 - Relaxing
13.3-14.0 - Quick
12.5-13.29 - Really Quick
11.5-12.49 - Fast
10.0-11.49 - Lag

Anything below 14 is fast.
You guys sure have high standards, especially when even the Ford GT does BARELY below 12.0 (most tests above)…

As for thinking the 240sx is fast, well it depends on your reference.
Nothing wrong with loving the car and realizing it’s more fun than a ford festiva…

I dunno why some of you guys are being asses…
Not everyone has the cash from a decent job to blow on some big turbo setup, not everyone’s mommy and/or daddy fronted the money cause they felt bad they neglect their kid, not everyone had a family member pass away, not everyone won the lotto…

It’s definately a fun car, even stock you probably won’t have as much fun for less money.

If it’s the fastest thing you’ve driven then great, hopefully one day you’ll drive something even faster.

I am with you on that one…