Who's "da man" for tint?

I know this has probally been discussed a million times but- I need to get my wifes suv’s windows tinted. Suggestions? Legit shops only, not looking for backyard dudes



beat me to it x2


On military in Kenmore??


I have a guy named Rob in Boston,NY do mine. He works at (eclipse,rainbow…one of the big name tint places)

Pm me for his number, tell him I sent you…he charges about $90 for a 4 door sedan and does amazing work.

i went to eclipse and they did a real good job

Rainbow x 11ty billion. Top notch work at a great price.

I wouldn’t go to Eclipse just for the simple fact that i’d hate to help support the owner’s semi-retarded beauty queen of a daughter.

Eclipse left alot of bubbles when they did mine. Rainbow did a great job on any vehicle I took there.

10 mm knoche lol. Last i knew he worked at eclipse

Rainbow has yet to have a bad review.

Yes Rainbow

That crackhead

That’s sounds like his last name…he does danm good work and for cheap too. he’s been doing tint for like 15 years

Lol does he have a bad rep?

Uhhh yeah

haha explain…he does good work.

sounds like rainbow it is. Thanks guys. I’ll stop there tomorrow anyone in perticular?