Who's straped

Who here carries? What and why.

PT 111, 185 grain corbons,y not? Ex,s 4 time felon-8 yerar probation and still smoking crack b/f as of right now said i pulled on him so now the police have it till i go to court n get it straightened out. Fucking crack heads,now everybody sees y i always make comments aboutthoser fucking crack smokers!

belt buckle is holding up my weapon of choice…


:eek: Crosman 760 pumpmaster :eek:

ul shoot ur eye out kid! :reloading

ruger kp345pr - why? mob might be after me

Glock .40 or 357 sig


thats mine, just a 9mm. i have a permit to carry but i usually dont, sometimes it hides in the car.

12 gauge !!! and a pitbull + some other toy’s … jenings 9mm tinker gun to pick off shit around here

Why? out here you never know when a mad cow is going to come to visted …
When they get out they come right in the yard the next time i am having a steak fry

I just purchased a .40 Walther P99. Going to Use Speer Gold Dots 155 Grain. There is enough whack jobs in the world and that was made even more evident when My brother got held up on his way to work at the plant in Clairton. Then about a year ago my buddy’s father in law got shot in broad daylight while driving through braddock on his way to work. Guy rob him while he was at a stoplight and shot him 3 times in the groin leg area…

fuck that…I;m sick of degenerates.

:bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: @ custom


springfield armory 45


Hi Point 9mm with compensator

my buddy has thast exact same gun, you ever have problems with it jammin up?

oh, and the other reason i dont carry mine is becuase if i carry it, its so obvious cuz the gun is so thick, or due to the stupid holster

fuck guns… i’ll use my fists.

till you get a hole blown through one of them

i carry a baseball bat… :angel:

i carry a beater stick too, a broken shovle handle.

i’m a suburban kid who hangs out in suburban places… i’ll take my chances.

if i had my way, the only legal guns would be hunting guns.

all that pops in my head is the chick who got shot in the chest cause she didnt think they would actually shoot her… was getting mugged and said what are you gonna do shoot me? and then boom she got smoked.

my wepon is my car