Why the Hell??

are the silvia brick headlights work so much more money then the projectors. My Dual projectors are WAY more functional then old school brick lights.

It just blows my mind all the time

because theyre jdm rare tyte

i was told once upon a time that event he japanese pay a bundle for em

well that is kinda ricer. Maying more for something because it is more JDM even know much less usable

its because they didnt make as many i suppose

demand eventually outgrew supply

their nicer

simple… they look meaner and they aren’t as easily obtainable…

p.s. i doubt they are any less functional

The squares function better than the projectors. Projecters on early 90 nissans are terrible.
Same goes with the r32 skyline projectors/non-projectors.

The square lights are pure baller. “Projectors” just sound better but they are meh.

Look at applesauce’s car. That’s what you call a sil80.

+1 for the square headlights. The projectors just don’t look right.

i like the look of the bricks better

yeah the answer is simple
they look a lot better, and we all know thats what matters!

number 1 one for brick as you can see on my sig

bricks with clear covers are nice

I prefer the brick look also

I thought bricks were the first year only.

duals for 2 years production

triples for teh very last year…

Not sure of JDM production #'s, but certinly they made more duals.

^can someone verify or correct me.

Sweet I hope more people like the bricks, than I am further away from the croud.

Triple projectors for the win!

I find they look so much nicer. Especially at night.

/loves his dearly.