WideBand Question.

ive had the lm1 for over a year now great tuning tool also has the option of graphing 5 other analog sensors its a graet piece i have yet to use it to the fullest

Innovate wideband is a faster reading unit than the AEM and has larger range but you can’t beat a built in gauge/controller. I would say that the AEM is probably your best bet because when the car is lower than 10.0 AF it’s rich. Plain and simple you should never be that rich tuning on gasoline.

funny you say that. my speed runs 9:1 from the factory.

leaning out to even 11:1 would gain SO much more usable power. :tif: mazdaspeed

If you’re interested in an Innovate LM1, a friend of mine is selling a used one for a good deal.

How the hell can it run 9:1 on the factory tune. It would just fowl the plugs every time it ran… If that is true, thats simply retarded.

I like my PLX M300. I’M able to log it with my tuner. I have it hard wired and installed in the car so I can see whats going on all the time.

I’d be interested. I’ve been concidering one or a FAST dual sensor set up

:tup: to PLX & the avatar

ive tuned mine to 12.5 :1 with almost no et/mph gain on the spray
ive been running between 9.5-10.5:1 tune last time out went 9.24@150

really? neat. :tspry:

How long could you expect the wideband sensor to last if you leave the innovate or aem sensor installed?

A year of daily driving easy… with a proper tune. Widebands don’t like to be ran long on anything richer than 11.8, but you should only be that way for wot and you don’t drive a car in wot daily without a mullet.

Do you have an egt gauge? Timing has a big part in power as you probably know. Without an egt gauge or a dyno its very very hard to tune timing properly.

To answer your question AEM or Innovate are awesome units… you can datalog with the aem gauge if you have a way to record the 5v output.

naa no egt timing is conservative at about 27 total no pepper on plugs dyno sucks because of the stall but gives good baseline runs

Not true, many factory turbo car run rich AF WOT, high load, in boost. No problem fouling plugs because the AF isn’t 9:1 at idle or part throttle

Dsmlink records the 5v output correct? Does dsmlink work any better or worse with one as opposed to the other?

As long as you use the correct input for your model… 1g or 2g it doesn’t really matter.

For dsmlink make sure you search the dsmlink forums and read the dsmlink wiki about it before installing any 5v input.

Probably because they run a top mount that is very packed in there. The additional fuel under boost is to compensate for AIT to attempt to cool the charge down and prevent detonation from running lean. I would assume.