Wifey got a Ticket in Work zone.Should I get lawyer?

Wifey got clocked at 61 in a 45 Work Zone.It was getting on the G.I. North bridge where the ramp is right at the base of the bridge and she didn’t see the 45 sign I guess.This is her first ticket in about 10 yrs if not more.The cop said to just send it in and plead NG.I would assume then you get a new court date and go in and talk to the D.A.
If the work zone that worse?I always thought the fines/points doubled.She said there was noone working anywhere.
Should I just get a lawyer?
What does a lawyer even charge for something like this?

fine doubles, points do not. get a lawyer if you want to beat it, but whatever the reduce it to, they will double THAT fine too.
i have done this once before :slight_smile:

yes. simplist answer ever, courts seem to be more flexible if you have one. Most courts anyways

I lucked out on my last ticket, 68 in a 55, plead guilty, went to the court date and the judge was gone, got out of it with no points, and a 65 dollar fine, 20 of that was for driving skool

Never plead guilty and get her a V1

See if any of the many cops that hang at the Moose can help you…



plead NG see where it goes… i’d start there

no lawyer

NEVER plead guilty…she is going to get a hefty fine but just tell the DA when you go talk to him in court that there wasn’t anyone working…blah blah blah and if you want to get a lawyer they will probably charge you $200.00 i’m guessing, it really depends on which lawyer though. I can set you up an appointment with one of the attorney’s I work with or atleast recommend someone for you if you want

honestly… I doubt you need a lawyer. Just have her go to court and talk with the prosecuter and 9 times out of 10, after looking at her driving record, he’ll probably just give her like a 250.00 fine

Has anyone actually been to GI court? Are they as plea friendly as OP or Amherst? If so I’d skip the lawyer because they’re just going to plea it to parking anyway.

If they aren’t plea friendly a lawyer might be worth it because if it doesn’t get reduced that’s really going to hurt on insurance.

speed limit there is 55 anyway, workzone or not she was speeding.

are you being serious???C’mon man I always like reading your posts and stuff so don’t be a dick.This is not a post bitching about cops or why couldn’t they let her go,etc.I was just asking what we should do. I don’t know many cops that would give you a ticket for doing 61 in a 55 on the 190 either.
The ticket is in NF and not G.I. as well as he said he clocked her like at the base of the bridge.Really want to go hang out at the city of N.F. courts all day as well.That was half of the point of getting a lawyer I didn’t think you had to be there or do you?

you said she was speeding because she didn’t see the work zone sign… yes, 61 in a 55 would suck to get, but it can’t be argued.

IMO, lawyer not needed unless you happen to have a friend and skip out on any lawyer fees. Wouldn’t make sense to pay $250+ for a layer, to reduce your ticket by $100. Assess what you’re looking at financially, since it can likely be pleaded down with no points.

Wasn’t arguing the point either just saying what she told me.
Half the reason for getting the lawyer was so hopefully she/we didn’t have to goto court.Still trying to find out if she/we would have to be there.Figure the court time is at 2:00pm, good chance you could be there until 5pm so say we would get to work by 6pm(we both work 2nd)we both would lose 2 hrs pay($100 for both)+the $100 he may get it reduced.That is $200 right there.Plus the aggrevation of not having to sit there for hours.Also a Lawyer I think has a better chance of getting you out of driving school.

Definite bonus to taking a lawyer is jumping to the front of the line. If the cost of a lawyer doesn’t bother you, i highly recommend taking one for all of the above reasons.

i was in court on GI once. the sherif followed pulled over my friend and followed him back to work ang waited for me to show up and wrote me a ticket for 50 in a 35 on east river.
we were riding bikes and split up as he passed.
i had a lawyer… the cop showed up and then left, so it was dismissed.

it helped that my lawyer was friends with the prosecuter.
(or so he said)
dailey, or dally… something like that. group legal coverage through work paid for it :slight_smile:

it was in a work zone…I’d get a lawyer :wink:

Due to my schedule I never go there at all anymore.The benefit was the first time I was there this year I think.I have to be to work at 330, they open at 3.I get out around 1am, they are long gone by then.Weekends I usually go fix things in lkpt, but have been staying around GI a lil more these days because of this pizza headache:D so hopefully I can get down there more often.Really some decent people down there.

Stop drumming up business.And answer the phone when I call in 1 min.