Willybeen's Pants Poopin' Motorcycle Save Vids


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tth9krDtxII&NR=1 even worse LOL


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1paiHmm6fUM Fast Forward to 1:45.


^ how did the guy at 1:55 not fall off WTF


Anybody see Jorge Lorenzo almost crash in Valencia yesterday??? Close call!




I haven’t found any yet… Crazy though. Would have taken him and Rossi out.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8COCPyB-go&feature=player_embedded bump





Riding in the rain, im pretty sure i posted this before, i just love it soooo much

anybody who rides neeeeeeds to watch this…



Holy Fuck. Ill translate for him. “YOU MOTHER FUCKER, YOUR SO STUPID”

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Wow. He is lucky the deer fell when it hit the course. Almost looked like he hit a big speed bump.


Holy Crap!


The guy that hit the deer split it with his belly pan. Blood and guts all over the place. If that deer didn’t slip and fall, he might have been injured more seriously. The guy who’s bike the camera was on mis-shifted on the front straight, which allowed Tim to pass and outbrake him into turn one, otherwise HE would’ve been the one to have hit the deer.

That’s not the only one that happened. Next day during the sprints, my buddy Nathan (camera bike) and I (right behind him) almost clipped this as well on lap 5 of our sprint race.


Never a dull moment this weekend.


^^^ :fu:

It’s like a video game out there dodging all these animals… be safe!



ok… not a save, but if i ever crash again, this is how i wanna do it.






Definitely some pants-poopin’ going on in this vid:

The slow speed stuff after the 4min mark will make you clinch your cheeks…


This dude spent some time practicing emergency braking. thats for sure.


FUCK. I need a sport bike come spring, I’m finishing this GS shit thing and buying a fucking new bike.