Willybeen's Pants Poopin' Motorcycle Save Vids




Are you kidding me with the fggts in the yota taping their skater bro? That could’ve ended so badly.


def. a but pucker moment. I’ve had a few but-puckering moments myself… which is one of the bigger reasons I’m converting to modern suspension and brakes on my CB550


This guy saved his bike by pulling off the road when a funeral procession was passing:



Holy f—!




Some people just don’t need to drive.


Whoa. Aside from the asshat in the black truck paying NO attention, why was the blue car even stopped?


Something about having to stop for funerals in that state. That’s why everyone pulled over.





No save here, WTF.


Ouch. Target fixation?



yea, target fixation at its finest


2:42 ftw




holy shit he is lucky, also that looks like a terrible road to speed on.


LOL. retard. he was doing about 140 when it started wobbling? he did a good job of holding on, but christ…was that really necessary??


And that’s why I don’t think I could ever ride without having a damper.


This well, at least on a sport bike. I got the good ole tank slapper at the top of first once, never again.