Windows Media Player v. 9.TehGay

I’ve been having some issues for a while with media player…whenever I click on a link that directs me to a movie my system locks up. It’s only when It is trying to start up media player, or when I try to start it up. I removed Media player (the entire foot print, I removed it from the registry…all traces gone) and upgraded to the newest version. It still wouldnt open…I could see it in the task bar but it would not maximize. So I changed my screen res to 1162x864 and now it opens fine when I manually open it…However, when I open a web page that is trying to display media player it locks up immediatly and completely. I figure the only thing it can be is a memory deficiency…we only have 256mb and only 134 max is free at any particular time.

Any other theories?


use mp10

yea, I tried that last night…same issue

sounds like your codec is shot


this is where its gonna get a little over my head. are we talking a codec that I can remove from device manager and reinstall?


Negative… i dunno how to remove codecs, i’m sure you can just reinstall them tho

you can readd them, no problems

well its my gf’s computer and shes not exactly computer savvy…so I will just try it and if it screws stuff up I will tell her “The internet did it, run adaware”

just like when I worked at Gateway tech support.

“the internet did it mam, you shouldn’t be using the internet without the entire symantec package…which, coincidentally, we have a deal on right now!”


download the codec package off microsoft website. if that doesnt work i can send u a codec package over aim


I will give it a try tonight and post the results tomorrow.