Wireing diagram for 91 240SX hatch..

Yeah i went to start my car and nothing happnens…i just put a new battery in saturday… im looking for a wireing diagram for some help casuei think its something with the wires… thnaks!

bet u any money when u changed ur battery u must have blown some kind of fuse.

take off ur red power cable ( whatever colour it is )…then check all ur fuses and make sure u replace the blown ones…

after that next step i would try, make sure ur battery is grounded nicley take off the ground sand down the pant and make sure the connection is 100% on both the chassis and the battery terminal…

if this doesint solve ur problem…check to see if ur battery is actually chaged properly.

and finally…if none of that works= get the wiring diagram.

it did start once though…and then i was like okay it work good then this morning i went to start it and …nothing…and its not the contacts ofthe battery i make sure they ar really clean…so i dunno…my dad says to get thw wireing diagram…does anyone have it?

If it did start once when you put in the new battery and didn’t start the next day… it sounds like it might be your alternator. Althouhg, it could also be the starter… does your car crank when you try and start it? If it does, then it’s probably the alternator since your car did start when you put in a new battery. You can try using your dad’s battery or something and if it starts, then it must be the alternator.

There is just a click noise when i turn the key if that helps any further?

i got a full diagram i think of the all the cars wiring as a .pdf if you need it

Still having prblmes…i suck at fixing shit…

I have the full circuit diagram for a 90 240, it should be the same as the 91

I had the same problem this week.Check if the starter is getting any power with a volt meter, should read about 12-11.70. If it is try shorting it. If it spins when u short it then its the starter. Also try hitting the starter from the bottom, this might move the brushes inside. Napa has starters for 239 +60 core charge (2 year warrenty) PartsSource has it for 179 +35 core charge (90 day warrenty)

do all the lights come on? If it just clicks i’d put my money on the starter.