World Jump Day

I think me jumping will do enough to the orbit.


maybe we could all run in teh same direction too, in an attempt to make tyhe day longer, or force western ny into a tropical elevation ?

my move from state to stat when u can just shift where the equator lies ?

This is so retarded :stuck_out_tongue:

Make sure everyone wears helmets and cork’s on their forks. Perhaps padding everything might help.

i wonder if they have accounted for the deformation of the earths crust under that much pressure ? or the shock absorbing effects of the worlds oceans ?

what about the moons gravitational pull working for or against the attemp ?

wouldnt this work best when the eath is farthest from the sun ?

why not just have fewer people jump many more times to acheive the same results ?

this has failure writen all over it

lol this is the dumbest thing i have seen all day


so how far does the earth move with each time zones jump ?

what happens if we move the earth to far ?

what about siesmic damage to the surrounding area if to many people from the same town jump ?

what about the fact that changing the length of the year effects the people with birthdays on a leap year ??? … cause if the year gets 3/4 of a day longer, there will no longer be leapyear birthdays!

changing the eaths orbit is frought with possible problems damnit !!!

wow this is retarded… I want to slap who ever came up with this. Maybe I’ll just slap howie for posting this :wink:

that’s the kind of B.S. I used to think of when i was a kid. I wanted to be president just so I could convince the whole world to blow in one direction and get the earth to rotate faster/slower…ahhhh if i were only president.


this is IMPOSSIBLE… everyone in the world would have to jump at THE SAME EXACT TIME for there to remotely be any possibilty to move the earth anywhere… and even then… it won’t do a damn thing…

this idea :gay:

the fact that is was “scientificly proven” :bsflag:


cuban did you make that site, be honest… because you just said if everyone jumped at the same time something could happen


lol adam no i didn’;t i just think its bullshit…

You uh, contradicted yourself…

how so?

this is IMPOSSIBLE… meaning cannot ever happen/// everyone in the world would have to jump at THE SAME EXACT TIME for there to remotely be any possibilty to move the earth anywhere… which still won’t happen//// and even then… it won’t do a damn thing… which i stated twice already… won’t happen…and nothing will happen////

so the idea is Bullshit…

where is the contradiction…?

the fact that is was scientificaly proven? :bsflag: have they tried this before? so how can they scientifically prove something if they have no idea?

If the earth moves even a half an inch away from the sun our climates would change drastically, causing mass extinction. If any Chauncers start jumpin and ruin my day I swear i’m gonna be pissed.

Death to jumpers


you sorta did it again, you said it will never happen unless everoyne in the world jusmped at the same time. but then you went back and said that wont happen anyway even if it did it wouldent work. its kinda like a quadruple contradiction.

ahaha i was trying to give the believers hope then shot themm down that it WON"T happen… i think it would take a MAJOR impact of like a comet or a meteor to make any drastic change the the orbit that this earth has…

cuban just admit that you intend on jumping all day long on jump day :mamoru:

ahahaha only if you and howie join me…