WTB: 2g GST/GSX Eclipse

Looking for the following:

Eclipse only, NO TALONS!!!
OEM Black/OEM Silver/Aftermarket Blue exteriors only!!!
5spd manual
Leather interiors
Good Shape car alll around
Upstate New York area preferred

Let me know by PM or email [email=“SilverFoxBoarding@hotmail.com”]SilverFoxBoarding@hotmail.com Looking for the following:

get in line…

You want it stock or with mods?

Doesn’t matter. Just looking for a good deal and a car thats been well taken care of and in good condition. Looking to spend no more than $4K/4.5K. Let me know.

Hhahaha… “Taken Care Of” Eclipses don’t go for $4000 unless they are a 95. Most of the 95’s I’ve seen are beaten up… cough cough Jack95TSi cough

Yeah, you are not going to find a 2G for that money. You might want to save up another $5K

lol… beat up and abused are two different things.


if you guys know of any decent turbo dsm’s for anywhere under $10k, let me kno…having lots of trouble finding any, althought I’m supposed to go take a look at one tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes…

what he said

Decent price-to-miles-ratio

182 miles from 14227 (cheektowaga\west seenca) so figure, its a bit less that 3 hours away.

**Crap, just noticed, its an auto :frowning: i read it wrong

I wouldn’t mind a 95. Actually I’d like a 95. its right under the radar for the emissions stuff. Okay Okay, well forget the $4K thing. Just want to find a nice condition 2g GST/GSX If I have to sacrifice mods for a lower price… so be it. I want to put my own stuff on the car.

:tup: good luck

have you checked ebay? this one looks pretty clean… but not much time left
heres a slightly less nice one
gst spyder
lol this one is deffinaltly a hot car

ok well theres a few more on ebay if u want to go that route

lol good luck find a decent on if that price range

jeff who is on wnydsm is selling his car for 10,000 firm, already modded, very nice, fwd, 5spd, black.


Talons are the hotness!!! Especially 97-98!!!

Jeff’s car is very clean and is by no means slow. Plenty of room left for more mods!!!

Yeah, there’s no way you’re going to find a 5spd at that cost. My 95 Talon TSiAWD, which generally cost less than GSX’s, was $5,500 last year with 80k on the chassis and essentially stock aside from a newer 6bolt motor, after crankwalk happened. And it had a few minor issues that needed to have been cleaned up.

You’re going to have to look out of town likely as well, best place to look is DSMTrader.com


Yeah, I also agree, 97 and 98 Talons are the absolute hottest of all DSMs.

Don’t get me wrong. Talons are pretty awesome. I’m driving a 96 Eclipse N/A right now and they smoke me all the time. But I have all the parts for my turbo now, so maybe i’ll just run low boost then build the engine up. That’s alot more fun than buying someone elses project.:slight_smile: