WTB: boost gauge

hey i want a boost gauge for the new car… it doesnt have one… anybody got one for sale

autometer black 30 takes ot

There’s a lot of Autometer hate on this board, but considering they cost 25% of what most good ones cost, it’s worth it to give one a shot. From what i hear, they only tend to fail with higher boost levels…i’ve been running stock 10psi with mine for over a year and never had a problem with it…can get one for like $50 off ebay.


fuck autometer. autometer caused my engine to explode in my mr2, and autometer caused the clutch in my evo to go also. i’ll never fuck with autometer again… but if you decide to… go ebay all day

it’s Autometer’s fault that you ran too much boost? i didnt know the guages also control how much boost you run… :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s not because i ran too much boost dude, it was just the cheapness of autometers product that caused the engine to develop a severe case of knock :slight_smile:

autometer or bad parts? autometer has been in the business for along time and the make half the gauges you buy now but put a different face on them.

are u trying to say 30 dollers for it?

I have a brand new faze boost gauge for sale. $25

yeah $30

i have 3 autometer guages, they work fine.

Ford used autometer in the marauder, and other vehicles as OEM.

Its fine for most purposes.