wtf aim triton

ok so now when certian people sign on, its plays different sounds? someone logged on aim and a girl started moaning wtf

where is this setting, how do i change mine to a fart noise, and how do i turn it off on my end

it’s an extra feature…people can set up a sound for their username for when they sign on…then you will hear that sound for now on. I’m sure you can disable it though…not too sure where though

prolly in preferences…there prolly like a sign on alert thingy…how is triton…i odnt have it but i am gonna dl it tonite

It is that persons setting. You might be able to turn it off.


stupid useless features, takes up more resources, and is a little buggy/hard to navigate

dont do it


yea i tried it for a day or so…didn’t like it much.

I like it…Its kinda hard though to fuck with…
But yeah That girl Moaning is kinda pissing me off too…awwwwwwwww…

Started using GAIM in place of AIM, so much less bullshit to deal with and no movie ads stealing my bandwiches.

edit - settings - click the sounds tab - click no for all the sound option

aim triton is:

2)opens shit in the aol browser unless you apply the hack, after applying the hack it wont open in IE w/o multiple clicks
3) it sucs system rescources
4) and if my wireles network connection goes down for long enough to boot me from aim, i have to RESTART my computer to get triton to reconnect

and its a fucking pain in the ass to find out where they decided to hide all the most basic options … like profile and new IM (to someone not on your BL)