WTF?? DVD wont play in DVD drive in computer?? New security?

What the hell! Is this a new security feature on new DVD’s?? I rented Man of the House to watch with my g/f, put it in my DVD drive in my computer just like I do with all my other DVD’s at one time or another, and I get a message saying “Disc read error, check to make sure it is clean and without any scratches.” from my powerlink DVD player program. Windows Media Player won’t play it at all and just quits.

Is this some new feature that helps prevent people from copying them? I put the disc in my dvd player in the living room and it works fine. But if it’s true, that really really sucks :frowning: That means (until someone figures out a way around it) no playing DVD’s in my laptop anymore or on my PC.

Anyone else know about this?

yeah I think it’s a new thing that’s out

it’s gay

I haven’t been able to play DVDs on my computer for over a year now :tdown:

Even the old ones that worked before don’t anymore… and I’ve got no clue why. I use Power DVD as well.

sounds like ur dvd drives are crapping out guys

I’ve updated drivers, taken the thing apart, but in the end said screw it. I need a new computer anyway.

i can still play any dvds on my lappy