WTF is my phones problemo

Ok I have an audiovox 8600.

I just recieved it from a friend, because my old one broke. She couldn’t find the charger, so I bought one from radio shack.

Whenever I charge the phone, it turns off. And so I figured, maybe its charging. Well I wake up this morning, take the phone off the charger. Turn the phone on, and…yeah one bar. No chargage.


could be the wrong charger… tripping some sort of internal failsafe if the ampload is wrong.

too much myspace surfing from said phone

the problem is your phone looks like donkey shit : )

The problem is that phone is a piece of shit, probably…

I have had a lot of friends with that phone (it has speaker, right?)

and they have had NOTHINg but problems from day one

its an audiovox

yep, thats one of the most problematic phones out for verizon.

your better off with a cable and string

yeah i just said fuck it, and bought a new phone. I was due for an upgrade. So i bought the samsung SCH-a670. Camera/video/everything i could want.

watch out…we got a baller on our hands…LOL

my phone likes to periodicly turn off on me…:gotme:


you have NO IDEA. :stuck_out_tongue: