WTF: Junkyard Dismantler Job

Hell it might be a far shot but this is what i wanna do it seems fun and im currently jobless lol

m&m u pull it was looking for someone last time i was there about 2 weeks ago

no more just pizza?

trying to pick up used crap for free eh

No more just pizza dreid, owner was a ass…didn’t wanna give me a raise after 2 years of working there. Long story short he no good lol
Long, yes I can’t get enough of free stuff might as well look for a job that include free stuff hahaha…

lol. i wonder how much that job pays

i heard like 9/hr

Ever consider the hell your gonna have to go through in the winter dicking around out in the yard?

oh i have done it in the pouring ice rain storm its couldnt get worst then some snow.

look in todays job finder there was one under the auto section.

lol i just applied for it yesterday hahah what a coincident thanks showoff