yet one more tire thread

I know this has been gone over a million times, but I seem to be finding myself in a bit of a bind: I am going to need 4 new tires for my Mustang for this season. The fronts are not a problem, but I am having a problem finding something for the rears. I have the 16" Pony rims now, and I really want to keep those, but I seem to be having trouble finding a decent drag radial that will go on a 16" rim. About the only thing I can find is a Nitto 555R, but from what I can gather, those do not offer the best traction. I would REALLY like a BFG or a Mickey Thompson tire, but I can’t seem to find anything in a 16" rim. I am hoping to keep the size between 245-255. If anyone has any suggestions for a good tire that maybe I am over looking, please chime in!

where’s the poll

hidden inside the thread…


I dont know what to poll haha It’s no longer a game of “what should I get?” because I know what I want, but they dont make what I want in the size i need, so I need some more options. then, maybe I’ll consider a poll haha j/k

Did you even look?

MT drag radials come in 255/50/16

Choko and I cut 1.5 60`s with these on pretty much stock suspension.

BFG makes a 255/50/16 also…

Nitto makes a 245/50/16 also…

yeah I looked on a couple Mustang parts sites and didn’t see the MTs, and didnt see the BFGs in anything on tire rack or discount tire. I hear that the Nittos are kinda crappy, so I was hoping to stay away from those, but I did actually find those in the size I could use.

Where do ya get your tires from? perhaps I will have to look there to fin d them in that size.|36685

Are you making enough power to even need drag radials?

Will you be running it at NYI or Lancaster a lot?

Did you look on the side of your house today?

once the supercharger is all finished and set up, I think drag radials could benefit me.

I did, those are for the Jeep though. I am expecting a package of Mustang parts soon though :tup:

Keep away from nittos, i have them on the Ws6 and they are crap… i would go with mickeys on the back and bfg g force sports on the front, works well for me