Z comes home

well i just got off the phone and im supposed to pick up the Z tomorrow morning!!! i cant wait to see the improvement from the ash-spec ecu. then i get to turn up the boost :slight_smile:

No more saftey boost?


we should run.

nah thats fixed and sure im down when?

hopefully sunday if im not working the pollock fest.

taffys? if its not raining and i make it back from the beach sober :wink: after the Hawaian Tropic bikini contest

wakes up out of bed** Hawain Tropic Bikini contest??? where

its at sunset bay beach club or surfers…im pretty sure

yea on sun. not sure what time tho

:word: I’ll be down there as well

You guys can’t run until I’m there to tape it :tup:

hey and how did all the repairs turn out from the basketball hoop incident?

and i dont think you’ve ever posted, what else do you have done to the zx?

i just picked it up this morning and the car looks great. the paint and body work turned out real good. right now all thats done is b&b catback, intake and i just put the ash-spec ecu in…i just need to put in the boost controller now. 90na300zx are you gonna make it to taffys?

hmm i might head out to sunset

enought talking already…POST PICS!

Check members rides :noob:

Carstar on Transit Rd. does a great job with paint and body work

yea thats where i took it and they did a real good job