2 cars run same time at the track

Surfing the Myrtle Beach F-body/Corvette board I came across this…


haha funny


No one knows about a re-run?

<-- doesnt have sound at work

TRAP SPEED > ET :stuck_out_tongue:

wouldnt their trap speed be the same? or no?

sorry i dont know much about draggin :frowning:

No, their trap speed probably is not the same.

The car on the lane closest to camera was ahead for some, and the other car pulled the same time.

If it were to be a longer race it would be a much different outcome.

No, if one car’s reaction time is that much better, or if their 60’ or 1/8 mile time or whatever the distance is is fasterm the slower car could have better top end and catch up

pretty neat.

No, weight, gearing, etc would be different. If they were neck & neck the entire track, then the speeds could be the same.


yes, one of the cars trapped 109 and the other 115


Only if you cross the line first… Which is what the car on the left did. :wink:

coo coo