2006 Altima Headunit Trouble

Hey guys, I’m new to the forum. This is my first post. Any and all help is very appreciated. So here it is:

I currently have a 2006 Nisan Altima with the factory Bose systemhttp://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/mag-glass_10x10.gif. I am installing a Power Acoustik Headunit. I got the harness and everything and connected everything properly. When i turn the ignition, the head unit works perfectly. However, once i turn the car full on, the deck turns on but there is no volume or sound for some reason. I checked the remote wire and it is connected. I am stumped can anybody help me out???

Any help is appreciated.

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Check out GTA altimas or Toronto Maxima they might be able to help. Im having some issues mith my bose and amp hybrid, im getting alot of sub feed back like the wires are loose somewhere.

You need to look into a line level converter the Bose systems and speaker are running at a different ohm rating then the standard speakers, which is kinda what makes Bose better and more unique in a way. But also a PITA when trying to add in after market audio! I need one as well even just to add my subs properly so they didn’t end up sounding like sh!t

+1 That’s exactly it. and yes check out the www.gtaltima.com


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