Alright here’s the lowdown. My friend Vic who’s a state trooper, told me that we all don’t have to worry about destroying our front bumpers anymore with pesky front plates. As of 2007 NO MORE FRONT PLATES FRO NEW YORK STATE. YES finally.


if this is for real

awesome :slight_smile:

now the state can waste money on other things, like ‘education’

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No believe



With NY being a border state I do not see this happening.
(I was told this is part of the reason)


i never thought of that…now that u bring it up actually seems logical


Officer: Why don’t you have a front plate
Me: Well this state trooped named Vic said I don’t need one…you know vic right?

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Link to proof?

Why does it matter if we’re a border state? People don’t cross over into NY from PA? That’s just silly. Sure, I understand we probably cross into Canada more than people from Florida, but still. I think that logic isn’t the reason for our front plates.

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Please be true, I am a front plate hater


if this is true that would be awesome!!!


That would be great if it were true.

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I heard a similar rumor from an Amherst policeman but this was a year ago so I doubt this has any validity.

want to upgrade my breaks

Heard the same thing as well.Would save the state a bunch of $$$ I was told.


This is not a joking matter, I hope you are correct.


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that’d be great… but we’ll see… we’ll see


How does it cost the state any $$$ ? We are the ones that end up paying for it anyways.


Half the plates to produce… Savy?


You think the state would actually decrease any of our DMV fees? No, they would just take the extra money from only having to make 1 plate and spend it somewhere else. So yes, 2 plates cost the state more money.

As for the border thing, that sounds BS to me. The camera that snaps a picture of your plate at the border looks at the REAR plate, not the front. Those camera systems are standardized to work at any border, and several states and provinces only require a rear plate.

As for NY, Quebec does not require a front plate. For the geographically challenged, NY shares a border with Quebec as well.

I won’t believe it until I see an official link though, no offense to Vic.

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eh, i don’t wanna get my hopes up yet

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Gauging interest in Drift Event

i could see NYS changing to being a one plate state claiming it will save taxpayers money … then 3 months later upping the registration fees due to “rising costs” lol


I won’t believe it until it happens. Fucking NYS!