i would LOVE this, but its doubtfull.

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we hear this every year, yet we still have front plates

i’ll believe it when the law is enacted


Having sex with 15 year olds will be legal in NY before ditching front plates.

My roommate’s brother’s friend’s aunt’s cousin’s ex boyfriend is a state trooper too, he told me so.

Of course not that I care, no front plate is already legal for domestic sports cars, everyone knows that.


Until it’s official which it isn’t… I don’t believe. What about all those spots for license plates on the front bumpers of cars… they will look awfully empty. :cry:


no announce on dmv site. no care.

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I like Amherst cops because they don’t give a shit about no front plate

Ask Bing

“In the United States, 19 states do not require an official front license plate, these states being Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia; U.S. territories Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam also do not require an official front license plate.”

There goes the border theory.


As of right now it’s being put though N.Y.S. legislation.


i sure hope so.

Do I dare put the big wing on my car?

When my buddy bought his new car the guy at the dealership didnt mount the front plate because he told him it would be pointless to put holes in the bumper because they plan on doing away with the fronts. So im not sure maybe it is going to happen.

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Nobody would be more thrilled than me if this was true.
Is there any car that looks crappier with a front plate than this?:rant:


If this was being put through legislation the media would be all over it. Hell, we heard about the proposed Buffalo stereo law and everyone and their mother knew its nonsense.
I call :bsflag:, especially given the source

oh and ugososlow, mounting a front plate on a vette gets an owner disowned from “the wave” :lol:

Do I dare put the big wing on my car?

i had mine on for a court appearence … that it …

only one trooper has given me a problem … yeah that was an intresting encounter …


Did he grab your junk or something?


Mike peed in front of him and Mike wondered why the officer was so pissed… :gotme: Uptight bacon…


ROFL!!! Unless mike got the cop’s leg i can’t understand why he would be upset…


:word: I cruise by cops with no front plate, cutout open, no problems :smiley:


OK, when I head up to polish falcons later i’m goin’ with no front plate. If I get ticketed I’m gonna do a drive by with my AK47 and mow you down.:shoot:


I found out from personal experience that you can get away with more in a vette then in a regular car. THey dont care about the plates.



First Event 09 Spring cruise route