Your lucky. I cruise by cops w/ no front plate and get pulled over w/ the 3rd degree. Cops like: “Why don’t you have a front plate?” Then “Do you know how fast you were going? You know that radar detector mounted there is an obstruction of view.” This kind of bullshit happened all the time so I finally put the front plate on because I was tired of paying $50 fines in Amherst court. Sux!

EDIT: I see tons of Vette’s driving around w/ no front plate and when I talk to the owner they always say that cops never bother them. Damn prejudice cops!

Funny New Hitler vid. Hitler vs. Cobra
Funny New Hitler vid. Hitler vs. Cobra

Did you have the bracket on? Thats the only time ive seen cops care cause then there’s really no excuse


I had the bird bracket on the front. Ha! 1 min for a reply!

odd idleing.

thats why. If you took it off completely you’d be in the clear


Funny, ive only had one cop ask me about a front plate before. They never seem to give me trouble. (About a front plate).


I NEVER had car with a plate on the front. i throw it in the window. 6 years of driving i got pulled over a few times and only issued 2 tickets.


Wait a minute, maybe I’m missing something here. I’ve been at work for over 8 hrs and I’m getting delusional from talking to all these stupid customers. What do you mean by take it off completely? The plastic piece that has the bird on it comes off and there’s 2 holes for mounting the plate behind it. What am I taking off completely? Are you talking about taking the bird bracket off and just not putting a front plate on? Sorry, I really need to get out of work so I can think clearly. 35 minutes to go and I’m out of this hell hole until Monday!

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Yeah, I could give a fuck.
It is part of the excuse used to keep front plates on cars in ny.


I’ve gotten pulled over a few times for no front plate. No tickets though…


i was gonna take it off the truck, but theres these 4 hiddous holed in the bumper that look worse than the plate lol.

paging bimmerforums members!!!!

Yes. Take the bracket off and fill in the holes and it looks less obvious


ummm, no. Its not like your GTO where there is a bracket attached to the bumper. Firebirds have a recession in the front bumper for the license plate. There is a filler plate that goes in there if you dont have the front plate. If you left it with nothing it would look very obvious. You need the filler plate for it to look right.


I took the front plate bracket off my old firebird for awhile and it looked much better, but it was the 93-97 body style.
I was going by that, i forgot they changed that style in 98+. my bad. I guess they just dont like you

Did you guys read what this girl wrote?
Did you guys read what this girl wrote?
Did you guys read what this girl wrote?
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I never ran a front plate, and now I have the German front plate. But still have never been pulled for it.


I got to many no front plate tickets so I just put it back on

Globe1280's 4CYL FTL Horizon Grey Civic Build.

Never had a front plate on my 944 turbo never been bothered about it i tried to put one on but the holes on the front are for a german plate.

01audi s4 where did you get your german plate?


ive been pulled ovewr a few times for no front plate. never a ticket though. i just tell the i got in an accident and it fell of and the new bracket is coming in from ebay. theyere like “oh okay”.


hahaha same here :smiley:

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does anyone like front plates?


then why the fuck does everyone have to say

<------ Front Plate Hater

<------- Dislikes Front Plates

<-------- God I hate front plates

Tint ticket

I have no idea

<--------Loathes front plate but <3’s Bewbs

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