as i said b4, if the new whip doesnt have one on it, i will procede to buy a front bracket, attatch the front plate to the bracket, and just throw it in the backseat. if i get pulled over: “sorry officer, it got caught on something and ripped off. i just havent had a chance to get it put back on yet” and show him the front blate on the bracket. they cant tgive u a ticket for that, i mean, what cop is gonna give you a ticket for no front plate if u actually have it right there with the bracket???

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the same one that gave me a ticket for actually having mine WITH A CHUNK MISSING from an accident…and i had a new bumper on, still in primer…with no holes for the plate nor a bracket…i showed him the plate and he still gave me a ticket.

In ontario, do we need...

That was a prick.the first day I had my liscense when I was 16, I got pulled over by a cop.I had an 85 Firebird from Fl and no where to put it.
he was Like" You just got your liscense today?" I was like yeah he then told me he would feel bad if he gave me a ticket on my first day.He let me go and told me to go order a bracket.I did.
None of the Vettes ever had a front plate and NEVER will


Silly Cops… Glad I go to school in AZ, only one plate down there, and all that nonsense about borders is BS cuz I’m a freakin minority down in Phoenix compared to all the Mexicans coming over the border, lol… Thats a border they should be worried about not PA and NY or w/e…


^ they mean sharing a border with canada, and arizona shares a border with mexico…which is why they are saying the border theory doesnt hold true

To: Osad, because you were a baby


i was told by a west nukka cop that we only have front plates cause its something else for radar to bounce off of… awesome if this happens


If true, that’s great…but still…

Never ran with one…never will run with one…legal or not…

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What did you do to your car today?
What did you do to your car today?

Meh, Cobra came home from the dealership with no front plate, and its staying that way. Regardless of the laws. :cjerk:


Ooooo, you’re an outlaw fo sho… :eek: :wink:


What can I say. I live my life on THE EDGE.


if this is true I am definately getting new euro bumper trim and getting rid of the ugly ass bracket

my Z will never have a front plate on it, regardless of the laws

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The border law shit is a load of crap anyways. I have crossed the border about 25 times with only a rear plate, I have never been asked where my front plate is.

We can only HOPE they are doing the right thing and get rid of that stupid ass retarded law.

03 vw jetta 1.8t

haha i just saw this thread looking for something else.

good call Vic


I drove my loud-ass Jetta for 3 years with no plate, never a problem. I got a new bumper, and no way was I drilling the holes. I put the plate in the bracket, smashed it up so it looked like it was ripped off the car, but I never had to try and use that excuse. My friend has ran it that way for several years with no issues, but he is now in the police academy in Virginia and they made him put it on. Zip ties FTW!

I was pulled over twice in a month in my beater Pontiac though. I had actually lost the plate in my garage somewhere. I attached it with wire and went to court in Arkport (2 hours away!) to fight it. The judge felt bad for me and tossed the ticket.:smiley: The wire eventually rusted, and the plate was hanging by one wire, so I ripped it off and in the trunk it sits. I’d be ecstatic if this change happens.


Still will never happen.

DRIFT DAY!!! Thursday July 16th NELSON!!
Shift518 W.o.T.
Shift518 W.o.T.

Is that why I haven’t been stopped or ticketed?

DRIFT DAY!!! Thursday July 16th NELSON!!
DRIFT DAY!!! Thursday July 16th NELSON!!

Never had a ny cop bust me for no front plate in the tbird.

One did say nice car though, and gave me a warning to slow down (I was pacing a trooper at 80mph, i didn’t even see him)

Shift518 W.o.T.

Hmmm… 2007 rolls aroud, and guess what, we still need 2 license plates.





Well that’s what I was told by a cop.

Sorry, I’ll go stick my head back up my ass now. Thanks you.