please. put it very far up there.

the next time you get everyone’s hopes up we’re going to gang beat you.


Cops never lie!


I wasn’t trying to get everyones hope up at all. I was just saying what I heard from a friend thats a cop. He’s never lied to me before and I’ve known the guy 8 years. Cops usually don’t lie about shit like that.

There’s also a chance that It didn’t end up getting put though legislation. The state may have denied it. I’ll dig deeper. Sorry to piss anyone off.

Shift518 W.o.T.

i dont see what the big deal is…most of us dont have front plates, or at least not properly mounted front plates, and most of us haven’t had any problems for it :gotme:


yea just dont drive through amherst and your set

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Bump, still have front plates.

Texas though…

Texas Republican representative Ken King is hard-pressing House Bill 673 which will effectively exempt vehicles worth over $60,000 from requiring a front license plate.


No way that will ever stand up due to equal protection clause.