200hp and 60mpg

Would you pay for a sporty car/hatchback with 200hp and 60mpg? How much would you be willing to pay for it? How far off do you think something like this would be (Non-hybrid)

Yes, ~$25k, a year or two??

no thanks. I dont want a hot rod Prius

I’m assuming it’d be diesel. If its a BMW 120d w/ M-sport package is pay prolly $37-40k.

Why so cloak and dagger Mike? :lol

Would love a car like that. Would have to be a true manual for me to buy it though. And yes VW GTI range of price. $25K range.

Honda did this over 20 years ago with the CRX.

that CRX HF did hit 60 MPG but it was by the old mileage standards and with only 110 hp (granted it weighed half as much as these new cars so it felt like 200hp)

So let say this hypothetical car is a turbo 4 cylinder with max torque at 1200rpms. And PJB, I said NOT a hybrid.

PJB rather drive his badass Ford pickmeuptruck.

I would love a car that had 200hp and 60mpg’s, I would pay $28k.

200 hp isnt much to brag about though. Even a v6 Mustang/Camaro makes over 300.

well sure, 3.7 liters and 20 mpg…

most ferrari 8 and 12 cylinders had less displacement than that for the last 40 years.

the Mustang v6 gets 30 mpg.

29mpg highway. average consumers report 20-23 real world.

Ok and???

100 more HP (then a theoretical 200hp 60mpg car) with HALF the mpg’s…doesn’t seem comparable at all.

well if you want a gutless turd that gets high mpg, get a Metro.

Im saying that 200hp is nothing special these days.

How is 200hp nothing? Especially for a DD?

In a truck 200hp might be nothing, but sub 2k lbs car will scoot pretty well. Interested.

Wasn’t BMW developing a turbo 3 cylinder around 180hp? And what about the VW bluesport(iirc) roadster? I thought that was supposed to be around 50-60mpg. That’s what I think of when I imagine 200hp/60mpg

I don’t get this thread. Cut to the chase, is something coming out or being developed like this?

i would pay 40 to 50k for it, and i believe it’s never coming, hybrid tech and hydrogen tech are becoming a better option to get the mpg’s that most companies will drop fuel motor only options