24/7 Pizza places?

I’m hungry.

I’m not at work currently.

And I want pizza so I can pig out and pretend I’m fat.

Anyone know of a place that is open right now that isn’t downtown?

EDIT: Good pizza, not random shit scraped from an ass and baked. :slight_smile:

partners pizza, open till 4.

but i warn you, their pizza is best when your drunk


:tup: to drunk partners, we used to get it so much they started giving us magnets, and then t shirts.

Yings? (till 4)

But I hope your wasted.

Anything with slightly decent pizza? Man, this blows I might have to put effort in to making food. Laaaaammmmeeee.

yings will deliver anywhere between here and like carlisle for a fee…the pizza’s like 6 bucks though so it makes up for it

Until they won’t deliver to your address anymore. Homophobes.

Hmm… looking like Yings then, unless there is a better suggestion.

Sals Pizza on Main by the Steer at UB south

Good pizza, not the typical shit. Open till 4

or there is always jim’s open till 5

Hmm Jim’s is tempting but no pizza. Sals on the other hand might just work seeing as it’s not pass out drunk in the street night.

Pizza ordered, Violator is my hero. Unless it sucks, in which case you would suck. :slight_smile:

word, that is good shit.

either way here is something to “finish” your night off with a smile


Bad Girls Blog is the shit


And you can’t go wrong with Sal’s. :tup:

deliver to your next door neighbors and go outside :gotme:

gotta love two for one on elmwood right by coles :tup:

Well it gets the FuzzyFish stamp of approval. :tup:

2-4-1 is great, it’s the best as a “pizza sandwich” too (two slices stacked on top of eachother).


when yings first opened up on eggert, their pizza was literally 4.99 every day.

We would get it all the time, then I got a couple shitty quality pizzas from them and shyed away from it for a while.

I’d opt for Anorexia over Yings. :bloated: Haven’t gone back since me and 2 buddies were sick all day the next day after eating wings there. I should have known that any place that serves Chinese, Italian, American, and Mexican food was shady. Not that the 16 year old bartenders were any indication…