240sx = cobra

It was a cool evening. im crusing down road XXX and i see mustang tailights up in the distance. i give chase to check it out. i get closer and see a 10.5" wheel out back, and the cobra on the bumper. i found out its a 96 later on. so i roll up next to him and give him a woosh of the BOV. he looks over, downshifts and blips its a lil.
i downshift to third, 3 honks and were off. I got a little jump on him and we stay that way up to 110.
we back it off and go at it again. this time he does the honking and were off again. top of third he starts pulling away every so slightly. i hit fourth and catch right back up. we are door to door. fourth ends and i go to fifth right as he does. still, no clear victor can be found.
we go for round 3. and its the same thing. door to door from 55 all the way to 120 when we shut it down.

i found out later he had 3.79 gears, intake and header back exhaust. im real pleased with my basically stock sr’s performance. :tup: :tup:



I got to there and stopped reading.

you dont wanna know how my SIQQQQ race went??

Good deal…but he would of killed you from a dig.

dont those n/a cobras run low 14’s? you have an sr20det??? i would think you would rape him

a stock sr should be mid 14’s.

Even so…how stock is stock when you mention your sr20det?

Just because he has an sr20 doesn’t mean its godly fast. a stock sr only runs like low 15’s high 14’s. Im talking about totaly stock swap…with side mount intercooler, stock exhaust manifold, turbo exhaust elbow ect ect.

I don’t doubt that you kept up with him but if it was at the track forget it. The sr’s do run awesome on the highways though.

Hey ill trade you my s13 chassie for your s14…

Cobras of that year were good for high 13’s @ 102. That was the 4.6L 32v, about 300 horse, 3.27’s stock.

at the track he would have wasted me. but on the highway, im happy with my performance.

yeah i bet. makes you feel all warm inside…lol

was it a black cobra? where were you?

Troof…I’ve always liked those. They sound lovely with an exhaust. I was playing with one a few years ago on the 90 and it sounded mean as hell.

it was a white cobra and im in carmel (putnam county)

forgot mods to my car: FMIC, 3"DP and a 2.5" catback.

well the fmic doesn’t give you power at stock psi so count that out… but the 3 exhaust does…

ha ha i love it. people are like does it have an SR? that thing must be wicked fasssst SRs are the best!! when in fact a ka-t will eat an sr for breakfast for the same amount of money hahaha. KA-T powahhh!!

arent they 220+ hp stock? and i would think a 240 would weigh considerably less. But good runs reguardless!!! rwd & turbo>everything!!!

210 rated stock , so hes about 200-210 now with the mods

Yeah there will always be a fight about the sr over the ka-t. I mean yeah you can throw together a cheap turbo kit for the KA, but its been like tryed and tested that they don’t last long To me they aren’t reliable enough to turn one turbo. Id imagin they are good for like 300ish whp but after that…you will be putting more money it into in the future. I would like to see a stock bottom end of a ka24 handle 500hp where the stock bottom end of an sr20 has and has gone past 500hp with stock internals.

Read TrueBlue’s post. 300HP 4.6