350-400whp help!?


Hi everyone, currently purchasing a redtop sr20det and ive done some research and was wondering if these mods would be ok to reach my 350-400whp goal

T28 turbo
Bc 272 cams
740 or 1000cc injectors
3"down pipe
3" exhaust with 4" dual tip
Z32 maf
Vibrant boost controller
Nistune ecu with good tune

Do yall think its achievable? Any advice or criticism is appreciated, thanks in advance son240 :slight_smile:

Also wondering i wanted to run a topmount for the t28 has anyone done it for the s13 with that turbo or is it just not worth it?


there are a lot of T28 turbos… if you go with a GT2871R you can make that HP… but that’s kind of old school. there are a lot of newer trendier turbos out there.

you’ll get more, but perhaps not better, feedback in the FB group