78 year old man hit by car, people do nothing

What the hell is wrong with society?


And the one dumbass they interviewed:
Reporter: “Did you call police”
Ghetto idiot: “Nah, I didn’t have my phone”.

Think maybe go into one of the many buildings there and ask them to call 911?

thats complete bullshit, those people should all be hanged

“nobody did nothing”… so people helped? :stuck_out_tongue:

but srsly thats effed

the guy is crossing a street with 4 lanes of traffic… not even in a crossing zone, hes to blame not the driver.

but still, a hit and run, and assholes standing there watching should have helped out… whats the old guys condition?

6pm in hartford… I don’t see any reason why people shouldn’t have helped out :frowning:

I do however find this image funny…


The victim’s son, Angel Arce

Oh man… Arce is her last name… This story is full of hidden gold

humanity cannot be counted on

…torqd said it right… the word is “hanged” but thanks for the incorrect grammar correction :tup:

…if he would have said “those people should all be hung”, that would mean all the those people should have large dicks…


hung is only used as in a sentence: “I hung our family portrait on the wall today.”

jwalking will get you killed.

One of them walked up…

I’m AMAZED that you’re not all for this JayS…

One less person on medicare / medicaid / SSI

whats the problem?

He didn’t die, so now he’s costing us even more in medicare/medicaid.

He is to blame initially, but still, no one helped him. The driver is at fault for not stopping, and the people are wrong to not do “anything”.

you’re foolish if you are completely floored that people might have that reaction

not saying it’s right by any means

News said paralyzed from waist down.

^ viagra just dropped a couple pts.


Hanged is actually the right word for that sentence, you shit sending pos :wink:

And yeah, that’s pretty sad. Americans are fucking lazy.

edit- 95ls1 already took care of that. whoopsie.

ok well it wasnt the guys fault for getting hit…the jerkoff crossed the double line and made a SUPER illegal pass…and while it is fucked up that no one helped him, isnt the first rule of someone with a neck/back injury to not move them?? the police chief said that 911 was called within the first minute of it happening…i know if that was me that saw that guy lying there i wouldnt attempt to move him and risk fucking his neck/back up even more…idk what else someone could have done to “help” him…

in case there was still doubt, “hanged” is correct.

also, people just suck in general.

I heard the driver that hit him blew a red light and was chasing the car in front of him

:picard: unreal…that makes this story even more fucked up…