86 Mustang Twin Turbo Build Running vid added!


Although this project is almost complete, I figure it’s never too late to add some cool content to the site. This post will be a mess, but I will try to clean it up and update it as I go. Feel free to ask any questions. The car is almost complete, but all the small things are holding me up.

For 2010, I was running a single 76mm turbo with a blow through carb, 331ci sbf, and TH400 trans. It ran a best ET of 9.25@148 and best MPH of 9.60 @ 151. Of course that wasn’t enough, so I sought after more power.

The goal with this car is to have a quiet, streetable car that I can go blast down the track, and drive the car home in one piece. I run with the MOM’s guys, and hope to race at Englishtown, and MIR for some 8.50 index classes. Last years setup was great on the street, and I hope to do the same when the upgrade is done.

I originally intended to run this monster, but as you can see packaging became a huge issue, and I didn’t want to make this a pure race car, so the decision was made to run Twins. This way I can keep the single radiator, and still run some kind of exhaust.


I wanted to have custom headers made, but due to time and money constraints, I just got a set of stainless shorty headers and went from there.

Here I have the turbos mounted up high, eventually The front inside headlights will be removed and routed directly into the turbos.


I can’t take credit for the fab work, as it was all done by another MOM’s Racer, but here are some pics of the cold side piping and merge for the twins.


4" pipe inside the fender going to an under dash air to water intercooler. Plenty of room for the tire, only time it might rub is when coming down from a huge wheelstand.

Here is the air to water intercooler that will be concealed behind the dash. I never drive in the winter, so there is no need for heat and the car never had AC, so I was willing to replace the HVAC for boost cooling goodness.

This car will see a lot of street time, so I have added a heat exchanger up front so I can drive around without overheating the water. It is pretty much the same setup the 03-04 cobras use.

Downpipes complete. They will lead into a 3" X pipe with bullet mufflers for now. When I have more money I will put decent mufflers on to make it as quiet as possible.

Procharger BOV in the carb hat:

Here I have the LM2 wideband, and AMS1000 boost controller mounted on the dash so I can see what is going on.

That is all the pictures from my phone for now. I will be taking more pics and updating as I get closer. Here are some pics of the car when it was semi clean. It is mini-tubbed, with stock style suspension, and drag radials.



Nice work :tup:

Was this yellow at one point? Did you build a second one?


Lookin’ good. Mike Emes been helping you out?


Looks nice man, I like the twins! I’m curious to see how the procharger BOV in the carb hat works for ya.


Looks awesome.

Are you worried about engine torque messing with the charge pipe coming through the fire wall like that or is that motor that securely mounted so there is little to no movement?


Thanks guys. This car used to be Maroon, I have had this for 6 years now.

I know the bov in the hat isn’t the ideal spot, but we will see how it works. I can always change it.

The motor is on solid motor mounts so it should be fine.


so are those just standard shorty headers mounted on the opposite bank to point forward?


yep, pretty much.


Nucken Futs.



:tup: 1200hp 8.5s or bust


Someone is about to lose their dyno queen spot


Damn! Looks great man. The way you have that 4" pipe running in the inner fender area to the air-to-water intercooled, is that common? Seems like it makes perfect sense in your application…I like it.

Also, I can’t imagine low 9’s @ 150mph not being fast enough…crazy!


Crank the boost and you could go for the pump gas drags :tup:


The cold side in the fender is pretty common for a car like this. I am not making any specific power or ET goals, but let’s say I’m shooting for more than 800whp, and faster than 9.25 lol.

While this might stomp Turbociv on the dyno, I think Drew’s car will be right there with me, if not even more power.

I kept the compression at 9:1, and this motor should flow a lot, so it should fly on pump gas. I am thinking of E85 for next year.


What’s your shortblock made up of?


Niiiice :tup:


FRPP Boss block, Eagle 4340 Crank, Eagle H-beam rods, arp2000 bolts, Diamond pistons, Victor Jr. heads.


I think the BOV should go in the inside of the car…

I like the fab, now the head lights need to be removed and intakes made :slight_smile: then just run some fog lights…

great work.


pretty sick build, what turbo’s are you using?


the inside headlights are actually the high beams, so I will still have normal headlights.

Turbos are Garrett T0467/76’s with some custom work done. They are rated at 800hp each.