86 Mustang Twin Turbo Build Running vid added!


I blew my load. Sick work man, :tup:


holy shit!


no honda, no care!

Haha, love it, nice work!


Awesome man glad to hear its finally about done




Note to self: Dont race that guy. Holy shit :tup:


Wow. That is all.




Got some more work done last night.

Radiator overflow, and breather tank mounted.

Trans cooler mounted and lines run.

Wastegate on driver side tied into the exhaust. Just waiting on my flange to do the passenger side.

Got the alternator mounted, ran oil supply and drain lines to the turbos.

A friend is helping with all fabrication, but we started working on the exhaust getting everything tucked up nicely. I hope this isn’t too loud, but it should be pretty quiet behind the turbos.


dumb question, but are you running headlights? just looks real tight for the air going into the turbos and wiring of the headlights.


I am running headlights, but no high beams. Even if I decide to run all the front lights, there is still plenty of room around the turbos.


no high beems would look so bad ass with turbos sitting in its place! great work, keep up the updates.


There’s a machine repairman at GM that has an 8 sec stang when using Gas, he showed me some videos and that car wheelys at 89*, I fucking think he’s gonna flip over everytime I watch the video, maybe one of you Mustang guys know him


My favorite Mustang.


wow nice work


UB, any more info than that? What does the car look like?


So with removed high beams…no more four eyed! Name change???


It looks like an early 90s or late 80s stang, I’ll have to find out the exact year but he works on 3rd shift so i don’t see him too much

He showed me the videos of him running down the track so I know it’s not BS

ALL MOTOR ran a 9.2ish if i remeber correctly, he said he makes round 900ish

the 8 second run is with a 200 shot, I don’t wanna give away his name, but he goes to NYIRP


I know who that is :snky: Cruised with him on the street a few times in that car.


Good to finally see some pics!