9/11 controlled demolition?

A little out there but raises some good questions


im into it.

this controled demolition idea is one of the stupidest things ive ever heard.

plane hit building
building burnt @ extreme heat due to jetfuel
girder collapsed when they became soft under the heat
building pancaked

the dust all over the place could have been anything …

the soot hes looking for in the lobby wouldnt exist because that kind of impact would have atomized the fuel to the point that it burned clean by the time it got to the lobby as the flames had 90 floors to go from rich burn to lean burn

you also have to account for the fact that the building would have flexed WAAAAAAY more then it was designed to endure from wind loading … easily shattering windows anywhere in the building

i couldnt watch more then a minute of that video

i wouldnt be surprised if that second “explosion” was one of the elevators slamming to the basment … or one of the steel beams snapping … it could be anything , but it sure as fuck isnt part of a controled explosion

holy shit

if it was ever found out that bush ordered this, or had something to do with 9-11.

it would take about 30 mins before he was assasinated.

if u watched more than a minute of it, some very valid points were brought up. I thought the first 2 mins was stupid…but then they showed graphs, and videos of the explosions, not to mention the “drills” they had beforehand, and the fact that the bomb sniffing dogs weren’t in the building that day…but every other day they were.

aliens did it.

That is some food for thought. I definitly didn’t know of the calamity going on at the WTC before 9/11 which brings up ALOT of valid points and makes this scenario even more believeable. I can see this happening as they tell it… It sickens me to say it but I can see it for sure…

im still sticking with Vin Desiel sneezing on the corner on 22nd and 3rd, created those explosions




and the x-files are true stories

i heard the planes were just halographs :bloated:

The only thing I found strange about 9/11 was that when Bush was informed that the world trade center was burning he didn’t leave the school where he was making an appearence…not that its a conspiracy or anything…just odd that he wasn’t like “Holy shit, I better do something”…but then of course he is a man of fairly low intelligence.


Would you rather have the President freak out? Thats a good way to take care of things. I’m glad he kept his cool for those breif moments. I hope he pissed his pants too though. I’m not a Bush supporter, nor do I support anyone else, but everything is just to fucking sneaky all the time it drives me bonkers

quite honestly I would have preferred he drop his pants and run around the room on all four spanking himself screaming “WER’E ALL GONNA DIE”

but this is just a matter of opinion


I had to do it…I’m super bored.



lol thats so wrong.

save a place in hell for me

anyone ever see the episode of Penn & Teller:Conspiracy theories are bullshit. (or somethin along those lines)

If you have showtime on demand I suggest it…

It gives you a good look at kind of people who come up with this shit…

:word: Deep throat told me so… Oh wait, he IS real…

Theory, fantasy, fact, whatever, it sparks good conversation…

That video doesnt say the bomb sniffing dogs were removed on 11th. The video says the dogs were removed on Thursday the 6th…

It doesnt say the bomb sniffing dogs were a permanent part of the security detail at the WTC. They were there because of phone threats, and after 2 weeks of searching they were removed. (It does say in the video that the lady says the dogs were ‘abruptly removed’, but it isnt a direct quote, so her words could have been twisted around… or maybe they neglected to just say the dogs were ‘abruptly removed’… ‘because they were done searching the buildings’… theres no reason to ‘slowly’ remove the dogs if they were done with their job…)

And they say the ‘drills’ and powerdowns were in “the weeks leading up to 9/11”. Not the weekend before 9/11.

If the drills were weeks before, and there were bombs placed, the dogs would have found them in the days before the attack.

Too many holes in this theory…