a;lkjsdhfjash fkj I HATE MY LAPTOP v4

sooooo. i have a vpr matrix latop. hottness high end compnonets at a cheep price.


good thing i baught the warrenty at BB cus this will be the fourth time it goes in for service.

I wake up this morning and the power is off and my powersupply light is flicking realy fast.

i unplug it from the laptop and it goes solid green.

plug it back in the laptop and the hott strobe light action starts again.

so it looks like im getting a new laptop… time to pull all my hot porn off my latop before sending it in :rolljerk:

anyone have any recomendations… all i use it for is email and browsing nyspeed :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for putting this in nws zone, i got all excited

are you getting a different one from best buy then?

if so check out that sony vaio VGN-T350P/L :tspry:

12 inch notebooks > * :smiley:


^ thank you

no i just got back. one more time, it will break ina month dont worry :wink:

Not sure whether this would be a board problem, battery, or power supply.

Have you checked the charge on the battery when the laptop is in the aforementioned state?

its a board/power issue. its hapeened 2 times allready and they replaced the board.

the connection to the computer is shitty, so the power cord bends a lot.