ABS Fuses

I’ve been having trouble with my ABS lately… it is over reacting… coming on all the time.

I decided to pull the fuse… but then I realised there are 3 in the box.

One is really large… like a big black rectangle… standing tall to the driverside of the fuse box, probably 3 inches high, and 1x1 at the base… I couldn’t get this one out.

Then there is a “normal” 10amp fuse in the middle… I pulled this one.

Then there is another funky fuse… that is in a yellow case, with a clear cover… and you can take off the cover, but I’m not sure where to go from there. This one is probably 3/4" x 1/2".

Any idea how to get rid of the ABS, lose the light, and the high idle I have now?

The high idle… is basically the car idling @ 2k for a while… like I drove all the way home last night without toughing the gas pedal. Once in a while it will drop to ~1k… but its erratic, and I think it is at high idle more than it isn’t. Would/could this be attributed to the fuse I removed? The idle went up when the ABS kicked in (which I believe is normal) and now it seems that I removed the fuse… and the idle wants to be up all the time


one is prolly for the main ABS unit…another is prolly for the wheel speed senors…and the 3rd is prolly the main for the both of them…but then again i could be totally way off the charts on this

the wheel speed sensor was almost 300 bucks @ NAPA on wherle. This is why I’m pulling fuses now.

you have 2 wheel speed sensors (at least for the ABS) front and rear - and i dont think those are the problem

you could try the control unit, which is just behind the passanger seat inside the wall before the speaker (im sure i got an extra one … or four laying around)

the black “thing” - is a relay
the big fuse - is a fusable link
and the 10 amp is your fuse

im having the same problem with my car im interested to see if you figure this out

let me look into it. I have school again tonight… so I probably won’t get to it before Friday

you know ill be here workin on tobys and gregs car … i cant get that damn thing to runs right, pressure test tonite - check 3si for results

im not too worried bout the ABS functioning properly so if you find a quick fix let me know - or since mines stripped we could try the control unit in mine first before tearing yours all apart


Where is the speed sensor located?

speed sensors are located on the hub…some are a little box some are a gear like behind the hub…i dunno what ur car uses

me neither… I hope adam is still jerkin his gerkin @ the comp so he sees this

it connects to the hub correct, right on the side just below the axle, im trying to make it out on the one manual i have and it looks to be on the back of the hub maybe?? - same with the rear

hang on ill go check real quick in the garage

thinking about it we could have bad hydraulic units or bad valve relays

yea your lucky i am and not sleeping like i should be

alright, we have 4, 2 from and 2 rear

the front two are both on the back side of the hub, they are round, and should have somehting like r09 stamped on the plugs (thatswhat gregs car has)

and the rear two are on the top of the hub directly above where the axle goes in

and now im off to bed