accident car

Guys I just got into an accident and I bent the front re-bar far enough to blow the rad, but the engine is fine. I was wondering if the chassis is salvageable or if it’s scrap.

if you bent the metal along the strut towers then no, or if you bent up the metal above the rad (rad support?) then again no

if you didnt, then youll need a rad, hood, bumper, fenders, headlights,

judging by the pics, ill say no, dont bother

sorry for the loss, thats looks pretty bad, id also say no. What happened anyways?

I swerved to avoid some a**hole who ran through a red light and I ran into a fence post. Anyways, I guess it’s time to start the part-out.

ouch, what happened afterwards?
did he stop? who’s at fault with insurance?

i prolly woulda just hit him, fuck that i’m not gonna be held responsible for someone else’s mistake

o damn sorry to hear. Fuck that guy, did you get him?

thats shitty… what a fucker


what i did, was scrapped the car…to much effort to fix it there was no point when you can probably part out all the rest and buy another car.
only thing…can you have a car sitting around?
best of luck with this or the next car tho…sorry to hear.

thanks for all the condolence, guys. Anyways, konvokiller, what did you mean by “can you leave the car sitting around”. Did you mean that you wanted me to keep it for a while? Anyways, anyone who needs parts, let me know.

well i ment if u have space to leave the car to part it out. if you do i think you would be better off doing it that way.
i had no room so i sold my stuff for dirt cheap.
good liuck with the next one

Thx for the advice. By the way, the guy sped away and there were no witnesses, so no insurance claim for my car since I only have liability, and I have to pay for the gate as well.