accident car

Guys I just got into an accident and I bent the front re-bar far enough to blow the rad, but the engine is fine. I was wondering if the chassis is salvageable or if it’s scrap.

I would say your ****ed. It looks like the front is pushed back right into the engine. I would take it to a body shop and get them to look at it and see how much it would cost to fix that, but from the look of that, it would not be worth it. Your looking at a few G’s just to get the frame and rebar back to being normal.

From how that looks I’d say it’s over for that car.
Part it out and get a new one.

Are you the one with the taillights that Vlad might pick up?

ohh man i saw how tha tow truck brought that car…samkam lives beside my
my house…it was really sad 2 look at it…at least you’re ok !!!
yeah Patrick, samkam got the lights …i hope he’ll sell em 2 me;)

reminds me of my accident…but looks worse.

I would say she is done for, but what did you hit?

I hit a fence post and took it out. Anyways since I have scrapped the idea of rebuilding it, I guess the part-out starts now. It was a sad, sad, day, but at least me and me and my gf were ok, and that is what matters the most.:frowning:

that is was matters the most. glad i didnt have anyone in my car at the time of my accident.

its fixable if u could find someone’s leftover front clip from an SR swap, it would maybe even be feasable depending on the condition of the rest of the car. check out my project thread in my signature. look at the rad support swap, imagine that times 10, plus a motor swap and half a paint job. 240’s go for so cheap tho, its not really worth it if you didnt have much invested in the car to begin with.

yeah, it’s just that I was planning to because this was probably one of the cleanest S-chassis in Ontario, and thats the biggest loss.