Admins message to members.


:eek3 Cant we all just get along, not everyones gonna agree on how things are ran ever, but we are on vlads site why not follow his rules… just my worthless 2 cents.


For the most part, yes.


What makes it worse for Vlad is the way he reacts to situations, trying to justify his actions when in reality he doesn’t need to justify shit, it’s his site.

Like on slide for example, if I wanted to ban someone for being a tool, I would, and I sure as shit wouldn’t explain myself.




I’m to new to have even realized that this much drama was going on. But I understand, I’m one of the founding members and admins of Los Angeles DSM and we beat people with the ban stick all the time for being asses. Our site is pretty small partly because we are a DSM only site and also because we would rather have 35 active members who are cool than 100 that are all asshats.

I say run your site however you want, in my opinion this is a pretty damn good site and with the variety of cars and people on here there is much less fighting and bitching than I expected.


Didnt read shit and don’t care to. Guessing it’s typical vlad crying, in that case stfu


I thought you were getting away from this for a bit? users ever online was 306, 09-21-2009 at 03:01 PM.
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LOL @ this


I enjoy this site. I see what you mean by drama though. Anyway it’s your site, run it how you want it. I’m not really educated on all the mechanics of running a forum but I do enjoy the beer/house analogy.


Way to ruin Shift


ugh im just upset that my pm box is full


bennyfizzle and Singh ruined shift.



Much harder to do by avoiding a hosting company.

  1. You still have to pay for DNS
  2. You have to have a Web Server setup at home which is on 24/7
  3. You need ample bandwidth to make the site even remotely useable by this size of a community

He’d still be paying decent money. Cutting out the hosting company isn’t a solution.

As for the topic itself…I do agree that this forum is by FAR the most lenient of any I’ve been on. Also, some of you people act like children. Not even kidding. It’s hilarious at times, and down right sad at other times.


Cool. The forum I moderate is a lot cheaper since we went with a dedicated server in the Admin’s house. It’s also more reliable.


How many people? If the number is say, 100 people or so…a dedicated server in someones house connected via HIGH HIGH speed (not your basic cable) line should be enough.

But to handle the kind of traffic Shift518 does? Won’t happen.


You sound like one of those IT nerds who sit at their desk with their headphones in all day. Not that this is a bad thing by any means, but that’s just the vibe I am getting from reading your last two posts.


Yeh Ilya wtf man!


LOL Who are you? Post an intro thread or something before randomly jumping into everyones posts!


Site used to be as busy as shift. It’s died down in the last year or two.