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a dedicated server aka an extra pc, hooked up in someones house to a roadrunner / fios connection is more reliable than a server rack in a controlled environment at an official data center with tier 1/2 internet access

lolllllllllll didnt know that


Soooo ?


that is exactly what he is, as is many others here


Never went down after the switch. :dunno


learn new things all the time !


I’m more of a geek, not a nerd (nerds have no social life, no friends, etc. aka Big Bang Theory…geeks on the other hand are just people that are gifted with ability to work technology better than the majority of the public but can also still be jocks, car guys, musicians, etc. :rofl). But yes, I work in IT for a living. I fix all the problems that non-IT people like you create.


Seriously. Who the hell are you?



its Alpine AKA Chris Leo


$20 a month will get you unlimited bandwith server space at Media Temple.


A lot of hosting companies (including mine) have that but it has to be throttled down or something. I doubt I would be able to run shift as fast on my hosting package.


its not jsut about bandwidth tho, active forums put a good stress on server cpu’s too, everytime u load a page or forum section or post, it has to look all that information up in the database,which is huge, that requires cpu power

and hosting plans that say unlim bandwidth is like cell phone plans , they arent REALLY unlim bandwidth, and if they are, u couldnt use it if u wanted to, because you would hit ceiling on another restriction long before hand, like cpu limit

size/graphics wise this place is super light, there is nothing to it, no videos hosted here, barely any pics… there isn’t a whole lot of bandwidth going on here, most just ‘work’ from the server calculating and pulling up information constantly


What he said.

CPU + the SQL backend (I’m assuming as this is vBulletin based) is the big hog here…not images or videos, etc.

You would need a higher end FiOS line (not their basic package) to host a site like this and you’d need a decent PC.


True, Ive ran a couple forums off MT Grid Service with no downtime and never any issues. For VB it works fine, but like you said if this place had videos and a TON of stuff here it would probably need more.


I think its more of experiencing the problem and then relying on you IT guys to do your job and fix it rather than us creating the actual problem itself. Of course there are those who click on things they’re not supposed to, probably leaving you with the impression that everyone who works outside of the IT Department causes computer-related problems on their own.