Admins message to members.

Here we are, another year, another chapter in Shift drama.

It seems that over the last quarter of 2012 going into this a few members think it’s funny to pick on me and judge my decisions by saying they are wrong. All the Nazi/communist jokes were all fun and games but you’re taking it to the next level, and it’s getting old - fast.

Some of you forget that I’m not just a bad boss that is disliked by employees and will be replaced by a better one. This is it, I’m all you got. If I go, the site goes and I get my life back. And As of late it seems like a damn tempting alternative.

In the recent thread some of you guys have said that I’m the biggest downfall of the site. :rofl I guess you guys expect an apology for my actions so here it is.

I’m sorry for providing the forum, putting on events, putting my money and years of my life and hours and hours each day into this.
I’m sorry this free service and effort isn’t good enough for you.
I’m sorry for trying to make this a better and a welcome place.

If you don’t like me or have a problem with the way I run my website then get off and go else where.

Nadsny, 518carscene, Facebook are all good options. If you don’t want to be here, I don’t want you here.

I will take my site in the direction I want to go and as I see fit. I will either run my site the way I want to run it and steer it in the proper direction or I won’t run it at all. Some of you aren’t happy with the way the site is (yet keep coming back) and think that I should run it differently. If you are seriously saying that I should manage the site in the direction I don’t want to do it in, you need a reality check. Why are you even here if you don’t like where it’s going?

If you’re so naive that you think I’m going to cater to the people that don’t like me or don’t respect me, you’re out of you goddam mind.

It’s been said that good things are easily forgotten, the fact that this place is still more lenient than just about most other forums and I even let people pick on me. However I don’t run this show to be disrespected. Good luck finding any site where an admin will not ban you for being an asshole to him.

I’ve been at this for just around 4 years now. Putting in more than 40 hours a week, every week into trying to make this a better place. If you I’m in this for profit then think again, the site is still well in the red after all the expenses over the years. I volunteered to create this community and spend my money keeping it up. I only volunteer because it’s a hobby and a place I want to visit. Some members are dead set on making it a place I want to no longer visit by specifically acting in ways which aren’t respectful or cater to the site rules.

This isn’t a night and day change. This has been a long time in the making and you can thank some very specific members for the overall change of attitude that were dumb enough to push buttons and “try to get at me” on purpose. Well here is the result. I’m out of patience got sick of dealing with their shit and trying to compromise.

I’m tired of having issues and points turned against me for no reason. I try to help a member make some money and get business for his detailing based on commission based advertising system and all of a sudden a village idiot posts that “taking advantage of members” and gets the ball rolling. Yet his friend hasn’t paid me a dollar and got business of the site.

I try to be lenient at first and I’ve gotten flack from the mods about me being too lenient. Now that’s it’s different and rules are actually enforced, other mods are saying on one side that I took too long to be strict and other mods are saying I’m ridiculous. Lenient strategy didn’t work. Assholes didn’t change and didn’t listen constantly disobeying the rules forcing us to go with more severe forms of control. Some members kept speeding by the same cop over and over again and getting warnings. They keep speeding by him and now they are calling a cop an asshole for giving them a ticket? You’re a moron if you didn’t count your blessings and slow down.

On the other side many mods have become disinterested in the site and stopped being an active contributor or simply don’t agree with where the site is heading. They will no longer be mods and can be replaced by those members that care to rejuvenate the site with content instead of constant bickering.

Also don’t bring up the bs that “old Shift” was better. Going through the moderator discussions and admin logs it has been drama feat every few months, it just slowly accumulated to the perception that now is worse because in recent months constant problems have been removed. Your ignorant statements about how you “feel” about the old site being better when the facts say otherwise are simply ignored.

If you don’t like the site or me nobody is forcing you to be here. Banned members keep coming back and hiding in the shadows under fake names acting civil and respectful which is why they remain. Why they didn’t do this from the getgo on their old user name is beyond me but I guess you can’t fix stupid. If I warn you not to break the rules and you don’t listen and continue doing so

Fun is still allowed but don’t break the rules. If you’re too stupid to figure out how to be funny or have fun without personal attacks, disrespect or racial slurs you are too dumb do be a member.

If you want to be an idiot and keep pushing my buttons, eventually you will press the wrong one and be gone.

Don’t dare blame me for members that are banned. They all have been warned multiple times on what they did and what will happen if they did it again. They did it again by their own actions, effectively choosing their own destiny when faced with a choice on whether to do it or not.

With that said

I’m taking a mini vacation to get away from all this for a few days or even a week. I’ve been logging in daily for 4 years and need a timeout. I’m going on the SkiTrip with some members, going to a mod meeting and that’s it. Have your fun, but when I come back remember this thread every time you have a problem with the site or how it’s run and read it again, otherwise enjoy your stay.

I’ll finish with this.

Here is the link to the rules thread to remind you what is expected out of you.

If this is “too long” for you and you don’t read it you may want to consider a different medium to spend your time on instead of a forum.

And you have no business replying to this discussion if you don’t read the message.

You should set up a PayPal Donate link so we can kick a couple of bucks your way to help with expenses. None of us are wealthy by any means but every little bit helps right?

We have tried that numerous times and he didn’t want any part of it . Hell we had to hide behind his back when we helped pay for v/bulletin upgrade …

I’ve talked about this before.

While the thought is appreciated, it simply won’t work.

People don’t seem to grasp the concept of donating and this especially being a tight community will simply go back against me. Back in the day when I could barely afford to keep the site up and couldn’t update to vBulletin, Swifty on his own collected some money and surprised me at the lot with the envelope of money which was used to upgrade to software we still use.

I had no idea or no part of this. I was much appreciated but it still gets brought up to this day and used against me “but I donated to the site…” etc.

Those are not donations, those are forced favors.

I only used the I donated bullshit as a joke , besides the members that did dontate to that aren’t here anymore bessidez me /benny and a few others .I donated cause I actually love the site vlad , I have met a lot of good friends thru here and so on we allllll have our p.m.s days and ya can’t deny it . I think a shift vaca is a good thing for u and ya need a life man as u can tell your getting tense . Trust me I like u and said some shit I didn’t mean but were human .

"no I’m not gonna blow u "

thats alot of shit, im not going to read.

at the end of the day, our lives will still continue whether this thread makes it another day, week or month…or not. Doesn’t make a difference to me. 2 years ago, this place was awesome, and things were great. Within the last 8 months or so, not so much…

And you always bring up how much you’ve spent on the site and use it against everyone else…

Cause it’s his site brah.

It’s like if you throw a house party and it gets totally trashed by your friends and they say “but we bought the beer.”. All that Vlad is saying is “well I paid for and built the house.”.

Yea that’s true. But hey, what’s a party without beer?! :rofl

Exactly, he’ll keep the house up, we bring the beer, respect the host and everybody can party on forever.


Spot on analogy.

In all honesty what exactly does it cost to keep a site like this up? And who gets the money?

I know youre probably gonna say some hosting company. What about cutting out the middle man and just throwing a site up on its own? Is that possible?

I’m not reading all of that, but the recent oil thread shows that you’ll only listen to yourself. And, more importantly, if this site is seriously causing you stress in your real life, please shut it down immediately. Trust me, ‘we’ will find another way to communicate.

we already have another way to communicate. Shift is Now on the back door for all the OG’s.

I suggested the PayPal donation idea not to create a pissing match between members or so favors could be handed out but rather a way to help out with operating expenses for the site. I also think it would be a great way to have more organized events. Hell it doesn’t even have to be money if that’s not feasible for some, it can be whatever resource you can muster to help the site.

Regardless of what you give if the rules aren’t followed then you’re subject to the same punishment as everyone else. However if you care about the site and the community within then following the rules should be a non-issue.

Yeah its called Facebook LOL