All You Evo Owners Out There, Good Advice Inside!!

“I have both an RS and MR. The RS is still all stock. Been piling parts up for it the last year though. 04 with the LSD.
Don’t care what the mags say in regards to weight difference. Just driving the RS then the GSR back to back, RS felt way light, seemed to turn in better. The RS will do fine for what I want with the car. And its nice not having to cut up or gut anything out to save weight with it. About all it needs are some lighter wheels and battery. Then just concentrate on the drivetrain.
The MR I did cams, gears, 3 inch turbo back with no cat, BR FMIC, pipes, BOV, air intake pipe and filter. Head studs, 255 pump and ALKY kit. Hope to make 380-400 at the wheels with a reasonable boost level.
Yes the 6 spd is not the best for drag racing. The overall drive ratio on the MR coupled with the insane individual gear ratios and spread, you are shifting all the damn time. Get a GSR or RS with the 5 spd. All EVO trannies when tracked hard, road raced, need a cooler and a pump to live a long life. But the 6 spds shafts and gears are so close together they generate a ton of heat.”

-Doug Derby