Another era in my life has ended.

I apologize in advance if this is where/how you are finding out this news… my mind has been cluttered beyond belief with recent happenings in my life.

I got a job offered to me in midtown Manhattan…

and after thinking really freakin’ hard for 3 days…

I’ve decided that I’m going to take it.

Which means, I am moving…

in one month…

Mentally and emotionally I was not prepared to do this… and I still am not. But it is something I have to do…

So in short, it was great times… beyond belief. This place has shown me so much of a world that I never really knew existed…

To everyone : Thank you.

I’m going to miss this place horribly… not so much the place but just all the people …

I’m still going to run the board and obviously actively post… and hopefully it will grow to something bigger than we all ever expected…

After all, it’s not just about WNY… it’s NYSpeed.

So…yeah. That’s it…

Wow. It’s going to be weird without you at meets and stuff.

Good luck with your new job. It was nice to meet you, and good luck with the GVR4.

We’ll miss you too, but you’ve gota go where life takes you.

When is the farewell party?

still can’t beleive your gonna be leavin in just a month…crazy stuff. its def in your best interest tho, i’m sure its gonna work out great for ya. and besides, we’ll just have a caravan to visit your ass once in a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone is moving to NYC. Good luck man, There is sooo much more opportunity there.

Buffalo + 10 years = First ghost city in America. I can already see the tumbleweed rolling up Main Street.

atleast now you can get a good group of people from down there into the forum, as u said. It is New York Speed… Good Luck Howie It was nice meeting you the 2 times I did even though I’m sure you forgot

Glad to hear that you’ve got a job man. Sad to see you go. Then again, i don’t plan on being here much longer either, but who will i throw the football to now?

mixed feelings…but congrats on the job dude.

Howie, your deffinantly a cool guy and i obviously wish you the best 4 you, if you have an offer you cant refuse its that simple, you cant refuse it

just make sure you make it back to town for 87foxgt’s return party !

Howie, beat it, scram, vaminous

j/k, well miss you.

You suck, and you’re not allowed to leave damnit!!!

j/k Glad to hear for ya. Lunch will def. be in order a few times in the coming month!

the times have been fun, but we all got to move on eventually. best of luck to ya man

Holy crap! Well first off i gotta say congrats on the new job Howie! I hope everything goes great for you down there, you are a great guy and you deserve the best that life has to offer :kiss: :gaybuttsexorz: :tup: :stuck_out_tongue:

Im glad that we met and became friends even though it was over a relatively short time. I dont meet truly good hearted and honest people like you often enough, so it sucks to see you leave. But you gotta do whats best for you and thats all good!!!

I hope you still come back up once in a while to hang out, if i ever head out your way you know ill hit you up. I still have “just one shot” that I owe ya (dont think that youre off the hook on that, im still gonna pwn your candy ass and post pics all over the interweb when you spew :slight_smile: )

Ugh i wish the timing was a little better, i would have liked to party with ya before you leave. But thats alright one way or another we shall partay again :smiley: Best wishes bud, atleast we always have this kick ass site to share with you no matter where you go :slight_smile:




ill miss ya man, u are honestly one of the realest people ive ever met, but u know what? you got out of here. Congratulations and im sure we’ll all hear from you.

You have to go where life takes you. I’ve done it. Just roll with the changes. Just keep in touch or I’ll track you down and jiggle my keys in front of you!!!

good deal man, good luck with the job :slight_smile:

hope to see you before you head out dood :tup:

good luck to you howie…certainly will miss you…my g.f brother lives in Staten Island…I visit there frequently next time i go ill have to give u a call

OMG man that is a bummer, but definitly when opportunity comes you need to take it. There just isn’t much here. You and Jon have to promise to behave! Good luck with everything!

Howie, I feel you. I did the same thing by moving to NC for work. Its tough but neccessary in an economy like Western NY. Have fun, hope you are making some loot to survive, and Ill visit. I have a brother in the financial district and another in NJ.

There needs to be a going away party, and I will come home for it. Providing im not at a race of course.
Take care.