Another typical which rim should i purchase thread

Yeah, I’m buying rims later this week. Which rims out of the couple selections do you like the best? They are going on this car.

either… Flik Artic (Anythrycite)


ALT Racing Tangents

both are within $50 +/- of each other.

I just wanna see everyone elses opinions.

Or do I keep looking for something with a black spoke and polished/chrome lip?

W/e it is i want a fairly large deep lip.

i’d say Flik Artic…

red-black def. a good combination…will look sweet on ur car! hehe

judging from the pic…are u in any way needing detail job?

ummm no sorry

its the camera and sun hitting it

the color looks good up close, no swirls anything. I just detailed it a few days ago. Don’t worry though…im getting it reprayed metallic red before august hits.


thanks for the poll mannnnng

paint the black moulding and handles red ( or respray w/e )

and go with the alts, 1 because they look better, 2 because there doesnt need to be anymore red vws with black rims rollin around hehe :wink:

or why not just save more for go fast parts

the trim is getting painted…the handles can be painted, but its a PITA. Its either hit or miss, when getting the handles to hold paint well. They tend to get wear spots after some use…maybe ill just clear the fuck out of them.

the go fast parts are also on order for next week as well.

ill be @ 200+ whp when all is said and done :slight_smile:

and all for under 1.5k

:word: vw on the prowl huh :tspry:

Alts are going to look small no matter what. They are BBS LM copies… 18" minimum, most MK4 guys go to 19", and I think those are both way too big for an MK3, but thats just my opinion…

Look around on the vortex there are some decent used deals on rims.

look at his rims now

anything will be bigger + better than those :stuck_out_tongue:

holla son

plus 19’s too big, 18’s are gonna suck…and i think you have to do some wheel well shit

17’s are good.

id rather have 16’s but the price difference is so miniscule…17’s will look better

ALT. IMO, the black/polished lip thing is kinda played out since it’s real popular lately. I see so many cars with that look. Get something different. :slight_smile: I was never a big fan of it to begin with. Less so now that I see it so much!


Buy used rims, save money for other things

Just spray paint your current rims red and put some yellow lightening bolts on them



flick arctic i guess, dunno neither of them do much for me on yer car

i dont think either belongs on the taurus lol.

something came up…

what about these rims? They are local.

ALT. Personally I think black rims on red jetta’s are :tdown: i liked timbolins car a lot better with his white…

Is it just me or do your stock wheels look like 4 donut spare tires?

definately the artics, i don’t think the second set would look to good on the car