New life to old rims

This is Z24Challenge

Anyways, after a lot of thought and planning, Nichole and I figured out a way to make my tired, stock OE rims look new, and different.


looks like fake spinner hubcaps.


One color > *

stop posting on each others name :mad:

Did you actually do it or is that a Photoshop? Because those paint lines look :tdown:

Either way, IMO it looks like crap man… sorry…


Well I can see where this is going, and I’m sure it’s because our tastes differ.

Oh well, I like it, and that’s what counts.

I’ll take “What Sleepy said” for 100, Alex.

i hope you arent implying that people are ganging up on you, because they aren’t. they just don’t like them

i don’t like them either, and i wouldn’t like them on anyone else’s car either

but, you are telling yourself you like them, so that is really all that matters :tup:

keeping the lip silver woulda been better man

i’m with adam - just like carb cleaner the rim and see what’s up with the silver rim :tup:

what beck said.

i dunno…i kinda like them. but those lines on a few of the spokes are kinda messed up. and a lip probably would look pretty cool too. but yea, i like it.

whatever floats your boat

“He says he doesn’t like your rims, I don’t like your rims”

if you get that quote…welcome to the dork club


hm…probably better if you paint it gunmetal…or something like that…

Sorry, he didn’t feel like logging out my name on my computer so he just posted under my name. Didn’t think it would be a big deal…

And :headbang:to the rims.

And to sureshot… there’s better ways to tell people you don’t like what they’ve done then by saying it looks like crap.

im sorry, i really wasnt trying to be a jerk

thats why i said what i said about liking them :tup:

They do look like hubcap spinners. Therefore I do not like them.

Maybe a wider shot would help… show more car.

I don’t like it either, but it reminds me a bit of the “fuchs” rims from the older 911s

might just be the pic but looks like they were painted poorly

looks great if you were going for the “ceiling fan attached to my rotors” look.