Any Concrete Co. Recommendations?

Well, this is kind of auto-related.
I have a dirt/gravel driveway that needs concrete.
I found a few local companies that I’m going to be calling for quotes.

I’m giving up on the heated or extended width driveway ideas due to cost.

I need a 20 foot by 50? foot rectangle.

… Any recommendations?


I used 4 different concrete contractors on my house and Andy is the only one I would use again.

Thanks! I hadn’t found that one in my search.

I’ve used Souhtowns Concrete and been very happy. Owner’s name is Charlie. Fair price and good work

JGH … great work

Destro concrete, ask for Carmen.

This is where being Italian comes in handy. I ask my dad and he knows a guy from Hertel ave. in any form of trade.

Call around and get estimates, you can probably get a decent price this time of year. While there are a bunch of companies I would not use, regular broom finished concrete is hard to screw up. Just make sure they use wire mesh and they get the water to go where it needs to.

I-talian… The first crew was Italian, even spoke Italian but the work sucked.

Torre (which is also Italian) did a great job so, being Italian doesn’t guarantee(God, why can’t I ever spell that word?) good work but… lol

Yeah there are alot of hacks/shitty people in the concrete buisness But it’s not too hard to find a good company. I also want to add that you want to make sure the company is insured properly.

don’t give up on snow-melt!

Italian Grass FTW

i called, they said they don’t do private :fry:

when I was looking at building a house they told me you can’t pave for the first couple years because of the ground and rocks need time… the builder might have just been over-cautious?

Not really true, look at any new subdivision. You just need to provide the proper base and it’s really a non issue, atleast with concrete. Black top may be different, but unless you driveway is huge concrete is the way to go. Blacktop sucks.

bastard, hes a friend of mine too, i can call him if you REALLY need it done?

he’s probably one of those rich republicans who is avoiding making money to lower his tax bracket :smiley: lol…

If I don’t have a driveway really soon, the bank takes my escrow money and uses it to put one in.
Hopefully the driveway settlement will be negligible since they never dug it out.
One of the concrete guys said I shouldn’t pave my basketball court along the side of the house yet because they dug out part of that for the foundation, so that will have to wait. Plus concrete is a lot more expensive than i was told.

The builder was including free blacktop, but I deleted it.

if he can beat the quotes I have I’d be thrilled. I was really hoping a 20x50 foot rectangle would be substantially under $3000.

Where are you located? Last summer I got a few quotes to do my driveway on the east side of buffalo, the thing is literally 25ft x 15 and they wanted near $3,000. I am almost contemplating making mine a DIY.