Any CPA's/Accountants in the Buffalo/Syracuse Area?

I was just wondering if there were any CPA’s/Accountants on here. I’m a Junior in the Accounting program at UB. My class is the first year that gets the shaft with the new 150 hour CPA rule. Oh well, the more education the better I suppose. If there are any here, where do you guys work and how do you like what you do?

Im a UB accounting junior too…

I made this thread a few months back <<< Thats got a bunch of answers you are looking for.

What classes are you taking this semester???

Oh no kidding. I’m in MGA 302(Intermediate), MGA 314(Cost), MGE 302(Economics), MGI 301(HR), and MGO 302(Prod. & Opns. Mgmt).

You could probably be/have been in my classes at some point. What do you drive?

Shit that sucks…

Im actually a first semester Jr. I just transferred to UB actually. I was gonna say, I dont have any partners yet for my classes but you are a semester ahead of me.

Were you at the “Mandatory Meeting” on Tuesday? If so I could imagine this post is about some sort of doubt you have in the profession. I know those were the kind of thoughts I took away from it. Or I could be completely off, but this 150 hr rule is bullshit. I wanna start making money asap.

Cars in my profile.

Yah, I was at the meeting. Rather boring and the panel gave a lackluster performance. No doubts here, I’m in it for the long hall. I could see where that panel gave people the impression of wtf am I doing here. I was looking at the sticky with everyone’s careers and it made me curious. You have Jansma this semester?

Ahhhh ok… After that seminar, it wasn’t so much what the panel said. They made me feel comfortable about my decision to pursue accounting. It was more so the speakers before them who were just basically saying “you will hate life for the next 3+ years.”

Im in it for the long haul too, but I never wanna get maxed out making $80k a year. Im sure thats everyones view on the field, but it just scares me that im about to put myself through 3 more years of hell only to end up in a menotenous profession maxed out at just shy of 100k.

Yes I do have Jansma… I cant tell if I love him or hate him lol.

i took 3 of the 5 classes u listed at UB and im not in accounting, this should be a pretty easy semester for you they aren’t bad at all

I think the money has a lot to do with where you end up. Personally, I want to stay in upstate. It would take a tremendous amount of money for me to live somewhere like NYC, which is where the money is. But getting in with a good firm and moving up could make more than that I’m sure. And it took me no time at all to realize my dislike for Jansma. He is an arrogant professor that thinks he is the smartest man at the university. Be prepared to devote your life to the ridiculous group cases and Microsoft Dynamics.

Syrup- The only class I’m remotely worried about is 302, which is the second half of intermediate. All of the others do not seem bad. Did you graduate in finance or marketing possibly?

UB Accounting Grad in May of '08. Haven’t passed the exam yet. Are you a member of any club or BAP or whatnot? Worth every minute you put in. It’s really not THAT bad (but ask me in 2 more months). Busy season is just plain shitty in most regards.

Good to know. What firm are you with? I’m in UBAA and have a membership with the IIA.

I am a licensed CPA and i spent my time in public with Ernst & Young. I left there about 2 years ago to become an accounting and financial recruiter with a small firm in williamsville.

the CPA license opens so many doors and provides you with so much general and specific business knowledge. busy season can be a bitch, especially with a big four firm, but it is definitely worthwhile.

Did you do any accounting clubs or fraternitys in college? Any worth for the hype they receive? (at least from UB)


nice, my aunt works at the downtown Atlanta branch as an executive coach

I went to Canisius and was involved in the Canisius College Accounting Society. I think if you go to ub, it is more important that you network and get involved because it is a lot easier to get lost in the crowd there.


I guess where my dilemma is that I already have a close to full time business world job (Ingram Micro, fortune 70 company doing back and front end benefit analysis for companys via Hewlett Packard). With that, and being a full time student, I have no time for a club.

I guess im expecting that since I have been working for this company since I have been 20, that it will weigh just as well on a resume as having been in a club with less real world work experience.

eclipsed, you’re a recruiter right? If you looked at me with my credentials but no clubs or organizations and a exact copy of me (grades, education etc) except has only worked a few month internship but has a club under his belt, which would you prefer?

That might be a bit too general of a question but maybe you can answer it.

Either way, I recognize that the ability to network yourself is key in this field.

as an entry level candidate, i would really only be concerned with your degree, gpa, and interviewing skills. for my purposes, internship experience would be more important that being in business fraternities and clubs, simply because it provides you more real world business/corporate experience. HOWEVER, you can’t discount the value of the relationships and network that you would establish in one of those clubs.

with that in mind, i would ask you this: are you going to work for ingram micro when you graduate? if so, what type of position will you have? i would strongly advise you to go into public accounting and get your cpa license. in my mind, it is kind of useless to get an accounting degree unless you plan on cutting your teeth in public and making a run at the license.

To be honest, I have no idea of Ingram’s need for Auditors/CPA’s. Obviously something I will need to look into before I make any choices.